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Bladestorms, instead of having one or maybe two Soulbound Weapons, splinter their focus between many ones. Named for the dervish of metal that surrounds them in battle, Bladestorms are strong in both offence and defence, both ranged and melee, and can fill most needed positions on the field of combat. They are more combat-heavy than other kinds of Wanderers, who tend to balance themselves with other skills such as stealth, tracking, or manoeuvrability.


Social Status

There is a certain level of caution applied to Bladestorms that people don't personally know due to their reputation of them using such a combat-focused approach. However, Bladestorms are not necessarily aggressive people; many pursue it in order to better support other Wanderers or to best utilise the defensive capabilities of a Bladestorm's techniques. They are very much considered the glass cannons of the Wanderers, highly versatile and deadly but much less resilient than a Forgemaster or Chainsinger would be once their defence is broken.   Outside of Anvulmar, Bladestorms are given more distance than more traditional Forgemasters, understandable given the many weapons they openly carry on their person.


Similarly to Chainsingers, Bladestorms are a minority amongst Wanderers, comprising around 2 in 10 of all Wanderers. Many find the need to split your magical focus and retain precision and control too difficult, or are put off by the narrowness of what can be achieved.


Bladestorms are a little older than Chainsingers, having been formed more slowly over the centuries by Wanderers who wanted more options with their weaponry and pushed the limits of what Soulbound Weapons could do. Usually, those with a little more magic will be more likely to become a Bladestorm, as they find it easier to infuse and control so many blades.



Unlike other Wanderers, Bladestorms have numerous small weapons, such as knives or needles, which they often move as one large wave. The major tenet of a Bladestorm's technique is that someone might be able to dodge or block the first, second, or even third attack, but there will always be another. Despite this, Bladestorms are also known for their incredible precision when focusing on fewer weapons.   As Bladestorms get better at controlling their weapons they can do things like parry attacks close by, conceal themselves from ranged attacks with a wall of blades, chip away at their opponents' health continuously, feint with most weapons and attack precisely with the rest, and more.
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