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Reaching high into the skies of Kandar, this Dwarven city is incredibly small by their standards. However, the Redlocked Dwarves of Razad-Khad are famous not only amongst other Dwarves but also across the kingdoms of many other species for one simple reason: it is the only place to create products made of the illusive Bloodore, more commonly known as Red Iron amongst humans.


Like any settlement of Kandar their numbers are small, at least when compared to cities outside of the Wastelands. This is why, though the majority of their population is dwarven and work as miners and smiths, it is not uncommon to see humans, especially those of Anvulmar, within their halls.   Unlike many other dwarven cities there is not a great variety of crafts within their halls. Weavers are all but unneeded due to the great skill and abundance of clothmakers amongst the Kandar(ethnicity:a639bb24-306d-428b-8170-f3f2f479012f) and @[Antaraki and their great willingness to trade it for products made of ordinary iron or even stone. Similarly, due to the dearth of large trees or flora of any kind in Kandar, there are not really any woodcarvers or toymakers, though stonecarvers remain in moderate numbers. There are also far more long-ranging merchants and diplomats and warriors and hunters to protect and feed them on their journeys than you will find in many other dwarven cities, as they usually prefer to trade directly with whoever is nearest and not stray far from their homes.

Industry & Trade

Though Bloodore is not mined exclusively within Razad-Khad, a lot of it that they use coming from Anvulmar, it is certainly the only place to sell or trade what they make of it. With the scarcity of Red Iron and the difficulties with safely trading with other kingdoms, weapons, armour and accessories made of Red Iron are greatly sought after within the human kingdoms and dwarven cities alike. Considering how highly people are willing to pay for it, and how helpful dwarven lords will be in exchange for it, it is no wonder that the economy of Razad-Khad revolved around mining, smithing, haggling and fighting, in order to defend the trade caravans.
Alternative Name(s)
Crimson Halls
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