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Asso Helps the Starving People


As the Askir gods created the first people they were left to fend for themselves while the gods restored their home in Hafjori. For a while it worked, but as the frost lasted longer than anyone would have expected the situation turned desperate as the peoples resources dwindled and dark times fell upon the people. They were starving.   Asso the kind, being resourceful, borrows some seed and dried fruit. She grabs fishing spears, one of the cooking pots and a big wooden spoon, and sets off to the earth. Upon arriving in the world she disguises herself as a male gode (priest) to protect her purity and she begin to feed and teach the people. With the magic pot she makes a single seed and piece of fruit and water become a feast to feed a thousand, and the people are in awe over how no matter how often the young priest ladles out food to the people, it never runs out.
Soon, people hear of this powerful priest who gives out food to the ones in need. The gode travels from town to town and he teaches the people settled near the sea and rivers how to fish through ice, and how to best preserve and store it. He teaches the people further in land how to set traps and preserve meat by smoking. To them all he brings the hope of summer and tells the people how there will be a time of plenty.   Asso stays to continue feeding the people until summer finally comes, and then he turns back to she to return to Hafjori. But as she travels back a sea monster tries to grab her and drag her down to the depths of the ocean. She escapes by letting the sea monster take the pot and flies back to Hafjori on the long handled wooden ladle.

Variations & Mutation

In some variations, Asso is accompanied by a couple of serfs who helps her cook food and spread knowledge. In other, it is other askari gods joining her (also in disguises).   There are also variations of the story where she teaches the first people how to write, to remember what she has taught them but it is a more recent variant of the story.
Asso's Magical Pot
Item | Jul 12, 2020

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