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The Legend of the Circlet of Divinity

The Circlet is crafted from a dense and very strong metal, unlike any other on Torus. The intended use of this material, and this particular item originated in another realm and as such, this information has long since been lost in the thousands of years it has resided on Torus. Curious mortals have experimented with it tirelessly over the centuries despite the Circlet's more lethal attributes. As the Circlet exchanged hands and cultures in barters, thefts, and peace offerings to cease wars, the mortals have learned many of the Circlet's uses and properties, though this information was included in those exchanges only on occasion.
The ancient Värgheims of Sa'ankern studied its energy field, even learning how to harness some of its seemingly never-ending power to create electronics far before the rest of the world would discover how to harness and store natural energy sources. Using this unique power, they built a grand empire whose splendor was beyond belief. As such, in their ruins ancient electronic devices can be found. Heavily guarded modern devices adapted for geothermal energy still exist in Värgheim settlements after the Circlet was lost - their empire still stands strong, merely the location and source of their power has changed.
After the Circlet made its way to Sa'ankern's neighboring continent, Gyrmüd, the Haelboschein used it for its healing properties. Finding that the device allowed the victims of even the most grievous wounds and incurable sicknesses the ability to regain their wellness. The Haelboschein people found too, that over the decades they possessed it that they aged at a considerably slower rate. Their life expectancies gained at first years, then decades, and finally settled into centuries. In this time they used it to care for all who came seeking their services, even during times of scarcity or political tensions.
The Trivenier studied how it reacted with other substances and used their observations to develop an understanding of similar natural phenomena in the world, a wide range of potions, and a deep knowledge of alchemy. After the Circlet was lost, they continued their studies and eventually found another material that seemed to work in opposing ways to the Circlet which they used to craft advanced tools. This lead to the discovery of minute traces of the material the Circlet was forged from, appearing to have entered the solar system and the atmosphere in a form resembling stardust.
Finally, the Circlet made it to the Folbrägen people where it was lost to all. This culture took the most unorthodox approach to their experimentation with the Circlet and found that when implanted in a host, if it accepts them, their senses are enhanced to supernatural levels as well as granting special abilities to the host. As miraculous as this item's latest discovery is, it is also the most dangerous and has resulted in immense loss, both from rejected hosts, and death at the hands of others seeking to gain the abilities granted by the Circlet.

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