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The Alden Stone

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A long lost item of great power, once owned by the powerful Ice Queen of Njärdvahl, now as forgotten about as the queen herself. When handled by a spell caster with a good heart, the stone glows a pale blue colour but in the hands of evil it turns a strange amalgam of violet and black, a reflection of the dark powers wielded by the Ice Queen in her time. Most now believe this story to be nothing but a myth or fairy tale, if only they knew the truth.....

Origins of the Alden Stone

Mined in the depths of the Kaldspir Mountains late in the dark times of the Third Era, this strange stone was cut from the earth as one large crystal, the likes of which had never been seen before. No-one knew what this form of rock was and nobody has seen one since. Considered at the time to be a shard of a fallen star it's natural pale blue luminescence was regarded as some form of powerful magic that they did not understand. This was taken to the tribes leaders and it was decided to search for the kingdom's greatest craftsman skilled enough to cut the gem and set it in a base deserving of it's grandeur. The result was a large orb, big enough to fit into the palm of an adult human's hand if their fingers were outstretched. Set in a golden circular base, the stone looked quite grand indeed.  

The Power of the Alden Stone

Being now a little remembered object of myth, not much is known about what power of strange magic the Alden stone possesses but those that do know are aware that it is not to be trifled with. As has been mentioned above, it's power would shift depending on who wielded the item. If the bearer was pure of heart the orb would glow with a pale blue hue and would wield a power that could be used for good. In truth the stone was good in nature before it had been corrupted by one seeking to use it to their own nefarious ends. After this corruption and the corruption of the Ice Queen it emitted a dark, shadowy purple colour and it's sorcerous energy would take a much darker turn. It is said that when in this darkened state it could drain the soul straight from one's body, a scary thought indeed and a testament to it's incredible potential.

Historical Basis

What is now myth was, many generations ago, all too true a tale of a once noble, beautiful and pure queen turned to evil by dark magic.


This story is a common myth amongst the people of Njärdvahl although it is not regarded as history as it should be but merely just a story. Very few believe it to be true and if this stone should ever be found again this disbelief could prove to be their downfall as it's power is not to be underestimated.
It is rumoured, among the very few that still believe, that if this orb should ever be found again the power contained within could be used to summon the Ice Queen and bring her to life once more. This would be by way of a dark arcane ritual that demands a blood sacrifice, a life for a life. Not only would this bring back a once horrific queen but using the power in this way would make her more powerful than she ever was. There are those deluded few that believe that this would be a good thing and would bring a sense of order to things, little do they know the truth of her past and the horror this would unleash into the world.

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