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The Ice Queen Of Njärdvahl

Written by DMStretch

'One who does not obey is not loyal, one who is not loyal is a traitor. A traitor must not merely be punished but they must be destroyed utterly until not even their memory exists. If not then the rot is not removed and can grow to infect once more....This I will not tolerate!'
Ice Queen of Njärdvahl

Once a beautiful, caring and noble queen held in very high regard by her subjects, Ceaira Aven was turned to evil by dark forces thus starting a long and infamous period in Njärdvahl's history. She came to be known as the Ice Queen of Njärdvahl due to her cold-hearted evil nature and the frost based magic she came be famous for.  


Ceaira Aven, as was mentioned above, was not always evil. Years before she was a very loving, caring queen and a devoted and faithful wife to Jürgen Aven, the king of Njärdvahl. During their reign a strange wanderer appeared in Brekstadt and in time worked his way into the royal court. He was known as Dorak Amakuhl and he rapidly befriended the royal couple, gaining their trust and being appointed as chief royal advisor due to his great wisdom and consistently reliable advice. Little did the monarchs know what exactly they had allowed into their court or the horror he would unleash from the shadows. They had no offspring to name successor to the throne even though the couple dearly wished.


  Name: Ceaira Aven
Title: Queen of Njärdvahl
Era: 4th Era
Aka: Ice Queen of Njärdvahl

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