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Tale of the Mythrael Angel

(Legacy Content)
There are some in Gjalvalore  who believe the Angel doesn't exist. These people are liars. The Angel does exist - I've seen it! She flies upon wings of gleaming green-silver, and plates of elven-metals!
— Anonymous
The Tale of the Mythrael Angel is a story depicting how a petty thief is reformed by the opportunity to do good when she steals the artifact known as the Plate of the Mythrael Angel from a family of nobles and escaped to Gjalvalore. According to the tale, this thief convinced herself to perform acts of good - usually at the cost of corrupt business officials and nobles - and worked to improve living conditions, albeit through vigilante justice. Tragically, she was eventually hunted down by the Ysrailorean family she stole the armor from and put to death. However, due to the backlash from people of both countries, the family eventually gave the armor to a museum dedicated to fallen heroes in Gjalvalore. Unfortunately, the Plate of the Mythrael Angel mysteriously disappeared from the museum shortly after its arrival, and a new vigilante took the mantle. This has thusly been the pattern ever since, as the artefact was deemed to be more a "service to public interest" than a simple set of armor.

Historical Basis

This tale is a description of events that occured in a similar fashion, although the details of the tale never truly reflect the actual events they describe, as they are almost purposefully altered to be more fantastical. In actuality, the thief attempted to sell the armor first, but due to the well known craftsmanship of Orthoni Gut-beard and the fact that whoever she stole it off of would most certainly have the resources to hunt the piece down, she could not find a buyer. Eventually, once she had figured out the armor's properties, she began using it to enact her once pipe-dream of being a hero that Gjalvalore needed, thus spawning this legacy.


Although this tale was very well known throughout Gjalvalore, it is more of a fairytale for the rest of the world. The tale was in jeopardy of being forgotten during the reign of the Sovereign Giant, though thankfully the Mythrael Angel made an appearance as a resistance fighter during that time, which not only kept the tale alive but also expanded the repertoire of the Angel.

Cultural Reception

Many people across the world - but mostly in Gjalvalore - have looked to this tale as signs of the effectiveness of second chances, given that had the thief been caught she would not have been able to inspire this tale in others. They also use this as a sign of the natural good in people being capable of overpowering the relativistically lesser evils in them.
Date of First Recording
Caerday, Decezel 2524 ASE
Date of Setting
Loreday, Intrazel 2519 ASE


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