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Orthoni Gut-beard

(Legacy Content)

Master Orthoni Relas Gut-beard (a.k.a. The Worksman)

Orthoni Gut-beard was a masterfully skilled craftsman and artificer of Ysrailore during the Alorean Silver Age. Though his works have long since seen use in their appropriate roles, and his name garnered the admiration of nearly every aspiring artificer across the globe, his life was short-lived compared to his Dellvo-kin brethren, as it was claimed by a side effect of a spell that he himself created. Even after his death, his name is still one of the most revered in circles of crafters and artificers in the magical world and beyond.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Orthoni was physically powerful and hardy, mostly due to the fact that his occupation was typically extremely strenuous. Aside from that, he wasn't particularly agile or quick of foot.

Body Features

Much like other Dellvo-kin, Orthoni was short and stout when compared to Aloreans. However, it was his natural bulk that aided him in crafting his first few items - as his expertise was not yet refined - by hammering out bad blows or shapes over hours at the forge.

Facial Features

Orthoni - alongside the rest of the male Gut-beards, as per their namesake - kept marvelous facial hair throughout his life, only having his beard be set alight twice in his entire career. Other than that, his large nose dominated most of his face, leaving his eyes as small beads of contrast to his tanned hide.

Physical quirks

Whenever Othroni was nervous, curious, or simply thinking he had a tendency to stroke his fingers through his beard, usually picking out bits of debris or soot left there by his recent forging.

Special abilities

Orthoni was a master of bending the Artum school to his will in his efforts to create ever increasing items of power. His mastery of Artum meant he never even considered mastering, or even using spells of the other schools, as that would take focus away from his true passion.

Apparel & Accessories

Orthoni never wore anything other than his forging attire, complete with work pants, thick leather boots and belt set with iron buckles, and a heavily insulated apron that use to by white at one point, now completely blackened on the outside from constant exposure to heat and soot.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ever since Orthoni was born, he had been deeply intrigued with engineering, especially in regards to Magitech and the Artum school of magic. Through his early years he tinkered endlessly with numerous designs, and even created a number of extremely basic spells before reaching adulthood. Once he did mature however, he got into all manner of trouble while in Ysrailore by attempting to build machines by technological means, though eventually settled on making such things with Magitech instead. All across his career, he believed that his masterpiece was whatever he created next, always seeking to one-up himself, and never being content with what he had made - something could always be improved, a sword's blade could always be finer, a gun's bullet could always be faster, armor's protection could always be better, and so forth. With this mindset, he set out to create as much as possible, building unique and powerful pieces of equipment each week until he got so good at it that he eventually was capable of crafting artifacts of immense strength. It was around this time that he created some of his most famous pieces and spells, such as the Iron Aegis, the Plate of the Mythrael Angel, the Stelluric Comet Cannon, and the Heart of Winter, as well as his most impactful spell Forgemaster's Metronome to name only a few. In the short period of time after this spell was created, Orthoni created his final works, what many consider his masterpieces: the Heaven's Laurel - a piece so brilliant that the newest deity to the pantheon at the time, Uraellda, requested that she be granted the item - and the Soul of Radiance - an item that would go on to foster the strength of one of the most tyrannical giant kings to exist. Tragically, after completing his finest works in record time, his body finally gave out under the strain of Forge's Calling, thus ending the life - but beginning the legacy - of Orthoni Gut-beard.


Orthoni never saw the need to express himself sexually, prefering to immerse himself in his work day after day.


Orthoni was partially self taught in the ways of Maijure, though he got his start in an apprenticeship under his father, Cathok Gut-beard, after showing extreme promise with the craft. After becoming a master, however, he endeavored to follow in the footsteps - and even surpass in some ways - his idol Ysrai.


Orthoni was employed by his father after completing his apprenticeship as a forge-hand before he went on to open his own shop, and sell his more mundane wares to plucky adventurers. After achieving his early notoriety, he went on to craft powerful magic items for the nobility and high-ranking officials within the Magocracy of Ysrailore.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Orthoni is credited with the creation of a truly absurd amount of magical items, artifacts, and even two separate masterpieces - a feat almost unheard of throughout the entire known history of Alore. He is also credited with the creation of numerous useful spells, including the one which would ultimately take his life: Forgemaster's Metronome.

Failures & Embarrassments

Orthoni believed that every time he made something that didn't improve on what he had made before that it was a failure and he had to try again. This is despite the fact that his "failures" were still very potent in their magical properties. However, it was this flawed mindset that pushed Orthoni to continuously improve in every way he could.

Intellectual Characteristics

Orthoni was said to be brilliant when it came to anything and everything that had to do with crafting or the Artum school of magic. Even as a child of the Dellvo-kin, he had a nearly unmatched knack for creation.

Morality & Philosophy

Orthoni firmly believed in the essencial freedom of expression and thought, as he believed that without it the world would continually stagnate in whatever state those in power decided to put it in. However, he did not tend to express this belief in anything but his work and his dedication to Order's Pantheon - a dedication that would eventually lead to him being visited by a member of said pantheon, Uraellda.


Orthoni generally subscribed to his people's beliefs in regards of how to act with one another, but generally decided what he believed was more important than upholding traditions. As a result, he came into contact with many more outsiders than a typical Dellvo-kin would. This is when he adopted his belief of always striving to be better, and thus shied away from fixing his mistakes and instead made better choices to replace what he saw as his failings.

Personality Characteristics


Orthoni can be described only as intrinsically motivated, creating for the sake of creating before anything else. He would eventually use this to create a career for himself, but his heart and his passion was never for the money he gained, only to make the next thing better than the last. This of course allowed him to achieve his worldwide notoriety and create some of the most powerful items a mortal could have ever created.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

While Orthoni was a genius when it came to working in his shop or selling his wares, he never could figure out social interactions - he did prefer to be alone in his shop, smithing away at whatever project he was working on next.

Likes & Dislikes

There wasn't much that Orthoni genuinely disliked about others. Moreso, he loathed any time that he believed he failed in his creation process, believing that he can always do better.


Family Ties

The last vestige of his family, his father Cathok, was taken from him after he had gotten into his own shop. Cathok was summarily enraptured and consumed by a Succubus, leaving Orthoni on his own in the world.

Religious Views

Orthoni was a firm believer in the principals of Order and their - at the time - newly established pantheon.

Wealth & Financial state

Orthoni became the richest Dellvo-kin in his entire settlement outside of the nobility after he mastered his craft. His items were so powerful and so potent that adventurers from across the magical world came solely to buy and admire his wares. He amassed a literal mountain of wealth so large that the treasury he built for himself filled almost immediately. So he decided to donate almost all of this wealth to several charities across the globe and to fund governmental projects within his own settlement, only ever keeping enough for him to continue his life and his work.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
"The Worksman," "Forgemaster," "The Prime Artificer"
2253 2746
Circumstances of Birth
Orthoni was born to loving parents in what many consider to be the greatest of all Dellvo-kin strongholds: Sarigos-Prime.
Circumstances of Death
Orthoni died to overexhaustion resulting from the Forge's Calling disorder.
Current Residence
Within a monument built in his honor in Sarigos-Prime, within the Orthonic Obituarum.
Deep Orange, Sideburns, Bald on top
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned and freckled
4' 6" (1.3 m)
221 lbs (100 kg)
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Build not for the reward, but for the satisfaction. If done so with passion and heart, the structure shall be its own reward."
"Never settle for anything that can be improved."
"Choice is the greatest power one can dream of. Despite any situation at hand, you always have more choices than what are presented. Never forget that."
Known Languages
Orthoni had to interact with many races during his time as a salesman, though wasn't as prodigal with linguistics as he was at crafting. As such, he knew only knew Alorean and Dellvos.


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