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Forgemaster's Metronome

(Legacy Content)
The Forgemaster's Metronome is a spell created by skilled Dellvo-kin artisans specifically to enhance the amount of workload they can take on in a given time by allowing them to, for instance, strike a blade while forging and have that strike be true despite poor alignment, poor strength in the blow, or any number of factors. Since its inception, the spell has developed further to encompass enchantments and enchanted items of the same name which provide a similar function.


Forgemaster's Metronome applies an effect of the same name to the target, allowing them to negate any form of deficiency in the crafting process of an item - especially magical items - as long as the target makes their hammer strikes, brush strokes, or other forms of crafting in time with the metronome, which they can hear in their head as long as the spell lasts.  
  Upon further research from numerous mystic studies, an additional discovery was made regarding this spell. This secondary effect manifests when the caster uses a consumable magical source as a material component while casting the spell, and results in further ease of crafting proportional to the expense of the source consumed.

Side/Secondary Effects

Continued exposure to the effects of Forgemaster's Metronome can result in a condition known as Forge's Calling, and further use afterwards can result in fatigue, exhaustion, and even death.


The spell's effect manifests as the sound of a metronome ticking in the head of the target for the duration of the effect, as well as its primary physical effect.


Spells of any sort and in any school of Maijure rely on a person's innate pool of Maijurum to function.


The spell was first devised by a master Dellvo-kin craftsman named Orthoni Gut-beard as a method to save time and increase his productivity in his personal workshop.
Related School
Effect Duration
Active until discharged (upon completion of the item)
Effect Casting Time
1 minute

Pathfinder Ruling

  This spell grants the caster a +10 spell bonus to to the next Craft or Spellcraft check they make to create an item. Any items created in this manner are always masterwork quality if they are not already magical.   At 10th character level, the caster can instead reduce the bonus gained to instead reduce the time required to craft that item. For instance - using Pathfinder 1st ed magical item creation rules - the caster can reduce this spell's bonus by 2 to reduce the time required to create a magical item by 8 hours. In this way, the effect of the spell can instead be entirely devoted to reducing the creation time, to a minimum of 8 hours total.   Example: According to the rules used above, an item costing 3,000 gold would take 24 hours of work normally. Upon casting this spell, the sample caster chooses to gain a +6 bonus in place of the normal effect, thus gaining that bonus and reducing the total crafting time to 8 hours, since the bonus was reduced by two increments.   Similarly, the caster can sacrifice any temporary source of magical energy - be that a spell scroll, wand or staff charge, or "magical battery" charge - to grant themselves a further bonus equal to the level of spell stored in that object. Any additional bonus gained in this manner can only be used to grant the caster the Craft or Spellcraft bonus, and not the time reduction.


Author's Notes

This is my entry for the Inktober 2019 prompt: "Swing." I was debating whether or not to make this a spell or an item, and I thought it would make more sense for it to be a spell created and managed by the Dellvo-kin in particular. Though, it would make sense in a manner of magical automation if applied in some manner of device, so I guess there's that.

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