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The Orthonic Obituarum

(Legacy Content)
The Orthonic Obituarum is a museum in Sarigos-Prime dedicated to the life and legend of Orthoni Gut-beard, built from the remnants of Orthoni's smithy. Thanks to the efforts of the Obituarum, the people of Sarigos-Prime and tourists from all around the world can have the opportunity to see Orthoni's work in person. While the structure now serves primarily as a museum for these artifacts, it also follows through on the smith's pragmatism by allowing "worthy" heroes to requisition specific artifacts to uphold the greater good of the nation, or even the world.

Purpose / Function

Originally, the museum was once the smithy of Orthoni Gut-beard himself, where he created nearly all of his pieces. The building has since then been expanded and built upon until it became the majestic structure it is today, once more housing the smith and his works.


The building was once a two story structure comprised of a living domicile, store-front, and smithing area for the personal use of Orthoni Gut-beard. Since the city's procurement and subsequent reconstruction of the building and its foundations, it has been expanded into a massive, four-story structure almost three times the original area of the smithy. The size of the building alone reflects the sheer amount of artifacts, spells, armors, weapons, and pieces Orthoni Gut-beard created in life, with pedestals for every known piece he created.


The generally tall marble construction with blackened granite inlays of the building is very reminiscent of a fusion of roman and gothic architecture, including white-stone pillars supporting tall, vaulted ceilings.


The Obituarum is an extremely popular tourist destination for those who live within or visit Sarigos-Prime, which to the locals is viewed as both an economic blessing and a curse to their Dellvo-kin traditions. Regardless, the museum alone can and does serve as one of the primary reasons to schedule a visit to the city for anyone interested in the life and works of one of the greatest craftsman in Alorean history.
Founding Date
Loreday, 12 Ysraizel, 2800 ASE


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