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Legend of The Frost Scrolls

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Frost Scrolls are a legendary artefact that has captured the imagination of scientist, artists, mages and treasure hunters for several human generations. Originating from a tale told of Ludvig Smidt and his expedition to the caves near Walerbom village, and his great discoveries, these event either started or inspired the rise of The Conclave of the Frost Scrolls.

In every few decades, someone comes and claims to have rediscovered the scrolls, yet all of these instances have been proved fake. If ever found or even proved to exist, The Conclave as well as some unrelated researchers and royalty would love to get their hands of this precious piece of ancient history.


The story starts in year 3425, in Walerbom village, where a large avalanche destroyed good proportion of the village and exposed a sizable cave with an ancient doorway on the side of the mountain range. Joined by a group of researchers and adventurers, wealthy explorer Ludvig Smidt funded and arranged an expedition to research the sight, His hopes were to find artefacts and records from the glory days of a giant culture that used to flourish on the area.

To the great shock of the explorers, the ruins were made by giants, yet defaced and did date to Age of the Skylords. No, this was no simple giant ruin; the party was convinced they had found a last intact lair of an ice dragon of some kind. As dragons have been driven out of Velkas since the Fall of the Titans, such find held great historical significance.

In this lair, several walls of ice where found, hiding several precious pieces of treasure, one of these an elaborate, beautiful scroll case of enormous size. In this scroll case, 16 scrolls were found with a giant crystal ball. Due to the unique state they were found in, this artefact became known by the name of The Frost Scrolls.

Thrilled of this discovery, but fearful of competitors, Ludwig hid the scrolls and would study them first by himself, learning after trial and error that the scrolls were read through holding the crystal ball above the scroll, and with fire and a magical word, the encrypted contents of the scroll would appear as reflections of the room the reader was in. However, to solve the contents, he needed help.

Ludwig called upon the brightest and the most talented minds of Velkas, handpicking the people he would work with and calling them to his research team he called the The Conclave of the Frost Scrolls. Together they worked to reveal and copy these mysterious texts.

After some years of work, however, the scrolls suddenly vanished. The possible thief was never caught, and no one knows where these mysterious scrolls are now, though some of the translations and copies from parts of these texts are believed to be still in possession of The Conclave.

Historical Basis

Expedition and the lair of a dragon near Walerbom village are confirmed to be true, and the lair is still there to be visited, however, as Ludvig Smidt was very secretive about the scrolls themselves, there are a good amount of sceptics that do question if the artefact was even real.

It also unclear was The Conclave of the Frost Scrolls born out of Ludwig's research group, or simply a group that was inspired by the story and took the name of the Conclave to themselves.

Date of Setting
Between years 3425 and 3428
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Case of the Frost Scrolls by Tiirikka (that's me!)

Was it made by man or a dragon, it was unique, precious and nothing that Ludvig Smidt had laid his eyes on before; on that moment he knew, this was to change the course of history.

Kurt Jongard
a take from Miracles of the past


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