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Ice Dragon's Lair

Inspired by Summercamp 2020 prompt

In the mountain cave close to the Walerbom village, there stands a great construction known by the locals by the name of Ice Dragon's Lair. This place has been veiled in mystery since it was found after avalanche in 3425, and it was told to be the place where The Frost Scrolls were found.

With an interesting history to uncover, group of archaeologists have reconstructed part of the complex as a research centre and museum, to display their findings from eras long gone.


First of the large rooms of the complex has now been repurposed to a research centre for scholars that have since taken their home and study to the great lair. This part of the lair is public and open to visitors as a museum. Much of the complex is still only partially explored due to traps and secrets it beholds.


As the base of the lair, there seems to be a large complex of some sort, that resembles the traditional style of Stone Giants. Most of the decoration has been defaced, however, and repurposed as memorial walls for the dragon that claimed it to its own. Many of these decors appear man-made, most likely made by humanoid servants or slaves of the dragon in question.


The massive structure is hidden inside a mountain and is believed originally to be made by stone giants. Everything from the massive doors to certain architectural elements tells, that this structure was probably a place of great importance to giants back in the Age of the Skylords. The exact purpose of the building has been lost in time, but speculations expect it to be either a former temple, monastery, or some other kind of large complex that had cultural significance.

At some point, the structure was either abandoned or the giants that took care of the place were suffering attacks of the dragon. The dragon would make the space as it's a lair, and deface good amount of the building to their own gain. Several humanoid bones have been found from the site, displayed so that dragon most likely had them as servants or slaves.

Like it is a mystery what happened to the giants, similarly, it is uncertain why the dragon left the space. The cave would end up being covered by snow until it was later exposed by an avalanche.

Due to the historical importance, part of the space is now reused as a research centre by the local humans.

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Aug 3, 2020 15:09 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Ohh I love the idea of a dragon's lair being reused as a research centre/museum. Such a clever repurposing!