The Frost Scrolls

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The Frost Scrolls was a collection of 16 vellum scrolls, allegedly found from a cave near Walerbom village around the year 3425. The scrolls were sealed in metallic scroll-case with a massive crystal ball, that was required for reading the contents of these documents.

Contents of these documents are speculated to hold several forgotten secrets from ages past, making them one of the most coveted historical documents of all time.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The collection known as the Frost Scrolls included 16 massive vellum scrolls, described to be a size of a rug or a blanket. These scrolls were covered with a circle or draconic runes, some of them only recognisable as such due design. Each scroll had one recognisable keyword written to them; other writing was unreadable.

This changed, if a crystal ball included with the scriptures was lifted on top of any of the scrolls, and a source of fire lighted the crystal and the one holding the ball would speak the word on the scrolls out loud. Walls of the space where this activation took place would be covered in reflections of ancient, coded writings hidden in the scrolls and the crystal. Sounds could also be heard when the crystal was active, and images came flashing on readers mind as they would decrypt the texts.

Only parts of these texts were translated before the scroll went missing, and the only fraction of those texts have been ever revealed to the public. Some of these parts have been summarised in the book Miracles of the past.


This collection of mysterious scrolls was believed to contain several ancient secrets, scribed by dragons to record their vast knowledge. The scrolls were a marvel of a find and could have told a lot of ancient society of dragons, ancient history, and arts of magic and science now lost to time. Scrolls were thought to be written in the Age of the Skylords, before dragons were wiped out of Velkas entirely by their wars with the giants. It is unknown were the scrolls made by the dragon that owned them, or maybe manufactured by humanoids that served it.

However, the scrolls were stolen before their secrets were recovered. As such, stories of the true contents of the scrolls include a lot of speculations. Some even believe that the scrolls were a hoax, and never truly existed. As the items weren't handled by many, this might have beenthe case.

The Legend of The Frost Scrolls has been considered the birthing event of The Conclave of the Frost Scrolls, which is now the most prolific scientific community in North Velkas.

Item type
Unique Artifact
Raw materials & Components
  • Vellum made from leather from an unrecognised creature
  • Metallic cylinder with several draconic runes
  • Crystal ball with magical properties

Case of the Frost Scrolls by Tiirikka (that's me!)

Cover image: by Tiirikka (that's me!)


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