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Walerbom is a small mining community in Kingdom of Vilender, on the northside of the mountain range that cuts through the country.


Walerbom is mostly a human and gnome settlement, though some dwarfs have settled to the area after being exiled from their clan lands. Walerbom has a history of being a place to sent criminal to pay their crimes with work, making the mix of locals varied and baffling.

Industry & Trade

A major underground road from the local dwarf settlements moves through Walerbom, yet most won't stop for long as they go to the better cities to selk their wares. Main exports of the village are from stone cutting and mining efforts.


Walerbom is tragicly famous from its literal rocky past. Just four years after its founding, the village was nearly destroyed by an avalance, making locals think long and hard if the area should even be habited.   The avalance, however, exposed a hidden, abandoned Ice Dragon's Lair, that would soon make the settlement famous.   During its long existance, village has experienced 2 terrible fires, handful of incidents involving explodives and good amout of avalances that have slmost wiped it out from the map. However, the local quarries, mines, the explorers of dragon lair and road to dwarven tradinpost have kept it alive so far, even when most of the original ore veins that lured the people there in the first place have already been depleted.


Actual tourists are few and far between, but the Ice Dragon's Lair has massed some adventurers and researchers wander to the area.


Walerbom stands on the cliffs of Ice-crown Range, high above the ground level. The land is rocky and inhospitable.
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