Miracles of the past

History of the Skylords

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Miracles of the past is a book describing known history of Velkas during the Age of the Skylords through myths, legends and historical findings and -accounts. it is easy to access text on many schools of high learning and even bookstores across the Kingdom of Vilender.

The book starts with a description of the discovery, research and loss of The Frost Scrolls, then becoming a vivid description of the ages past with margins full of explanations how and where the information has been gathered. The book includes detailed drawings of dragons, which have now vanished from Velkas, artist renderings of the floating islands which giant elite would live and rule over lesser giants as well as humanoid kind. It describes wars, lore, culture and wonders that have now crumbled due the test of time.


The writes of the book described it as an easy-to-read, introduction piece to inspire people to study history and to simply spread knowledge to those who had a craving to read. The sincerity of these motivations have been later contested by several critics.

Historical Details


The book was collected by historian Kurt Jongard to aid in the education of history. He was inspired to write the piece after seeing some of the alledged pieces of copied texts from The Frost Scrolls through a colleague part of The Conclave of the Frost Scrolls. He submitted his work to the Conclave that agreed to publish it and was so enamoured by the piece they agreed to take Jongard into their ranks.

The Conclave has since donated and funded several editions of the piece.

Public Reaction

While the text has inspired several young historians and made many interested to find out what happened to The Frost Scrolls, critics have questioned the publication as a possible propaganda piece. They wonder if the book was written to educate the public, or simply make them more favourable toward the Conclave.

It has also been suggested that Jongard simply wrote to piece to flatter the Conclave to get to join them, or was possibly hired by them to write the piece in the first place.

None the less book has stayed relevant and is often part of the course material in higher general education.

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Aug 3, 2020 15:12 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I really like that the original motivation was meant to make history easier to digest for the general populace, even if that motivation is questioned. I choose to believe they are sincere!