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Nyxian Starchart

Lost Relic of Solith.

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The Legend

When Solith was young, and the Garkith still lived in vast mountain cities devoted to their gods of earth and sky, it is said Nyx the Constellation Smith first forged the heavens. As the daughter of Ourano the Seer God, Nyx was tasked with chronicling the past, present, and future into the starry night sky's brilliance. On the darkest nights of the year, Nyx would ascend the Astral Anchor into the dark heavens and chronicle her people's knowledge of the cosmos by sculpting the stars and constellations as if ink upon her skin. The Garkith became the first astronomers of Solith as they learned to read the work of Nyx, believing that it held all the wisdom the mortal world had to offer. Through the stars, the Garkith learned to count the passage of time, reliably travel across Solith, and even divine the future of the continent. Yet still, they could not stave off their inevitable downfall at the hands of the Udrithi Empire.
When Gaul marched upon the Garkith of the Throat of the World with the full might of the Udrithi Empire at his back, he ripped Nyx from the heavens and slew her upon the slopes of Ourano's Peak. Thus legend has it that the stars ceased to change and halted their movements in the sky, forever frozen with their great sculptor's death. Gaul then ripped the knowledge of the cosmos from the still-warm corpse of the Constellation Smith, in the form of a perfect map of the heavens eternally preserved upon a ragged sheet of her star-speckled onyx skin. The Nyxian Starchart, as it became known to the Udirkith, contained more than a mere map of the stars, hiding many secrets the Garkith had uncovered about the cosmos in its shifting patterns. Many Udirkith believe this legendary artifact laid bare all the mysteries of the universe, and with it, one could travel to Realms beyond Solith. With the fall of Gaul and the shattering of the Udrithi Empire, the Nyxian Starchart inexplicably vanished into the darkest depths of the Black Roads. Though lost to the annals of history, lesser recreations of the Nyxian Starchart adorn countless walls of libraries and naval quarters as a vital tool for navigating the chaotic waters immediately surrounding Solith.
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Changeless Stars

The Stonekin commonly believe that when Nyx was slain the stars became immutable and have stayed exactly the same since then. Only the sun and moons still move in the heavens above, while the stars remain as still as the corpse of Nyx. Meanwhile, those sophonts not native to Solith find the stars above the continent strange and alien things. Both Humanity and the Elvenkyne and detailed records of when they first glimpsed the brilliance of the night sky, only appearing upon first setting sight on the shores of Solith.
Nyxian Starmap
The night sky as it is seen above Solith.

Highland Dwarf ancestry is required to know this secret.
Traveling beyond Solith on Ravare is required to know this secret.
Obtaining the Nyxian Starchart is required to know this secret.

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