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Legend of the Void Rod

In the beginning of history, Luxaz, after being expelled from the heavens, created a terrible, magical item. The item became known as the Void Rod. The evil god used the Void Rod to taint The Great Father's creations. He hated The Great Father and he wanted to steel His authority and power. Luxaz formed the Void Rod in a volcano out of Steel and Brillinium, which created a compound known as Flamesteel. As it was forged, he infused it with magic. Once the Void Rod had been created, Luxaz started corrupting the light species (humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, dragons, etc.) and transforming them into the dark species (e.g. orcs, goblins, dragonborn, drow, etc.).

Fifteen hundred years after the eight gods and goddesses came to Octisafell, the dark species revolted against Luxaz and his abuse of them. They rose up, stormed his stronghold, and captured the Void Rod. They then fled underground to the Black Beneath and formed a Subterranean Civilization. The people of this civilization slowly came in contact with other denizens of the underground, such as the dwarves. This is how the legend came to be and began to spread to the inhabitants above ground.

Historical Basis

The Dark Revolt in 1500 AG is a factual event in Octiragrin's history. The legend of the Void Rod did not appear until 1510 AG.


The legend spread slowly from the species in the Subterranean Civilization as they had contact with dwarves and other creatures in the Black Beneath.

Variations & Mutation

The story of the Dark Revolt is very bloody. Since it's a big part of the legend, the story is written in many variations to make it suitable for all audiences including children.

Cultural Reception

This legend is very important to the dark species since they were a part of it. It is of lesser importance to the light species, but they do dread the rod's rediscovery and use.

In Literature

The legend is printed in various degrees of veracity and embellishment in books in Octiragrin.

In Art

The legend is depicted in stained glass in The Temple atrium in Tirfalon.
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Date of First Recording
1510 AG
Date of Setting
1500 AG
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