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One of the greatest events of our world history, was when Pääjumä sent a gift to the children here, in the hopes of enlightening our minds and bringing our hearts closer together.   He sent the Lanthya. At its core, sat the Ithari .   My question to you, dear reader—is what was the other part of this gift from the gods?   We know the story of the Lanthya. We know the part the Hero plays in our history. But did you know that there was another part of this gift?   That the Lanthya wasn’t the only thing that came from Heavens Gate?

Prophecies Given

To learn the whole story, one must remember that there are more people upon this world than just the races of light. Human, Evolu, Kutollum, Iskari, Gentre, and Nocturi are only a start.   There is a whole world that exists outside the main races and their conflicts.   Races we have, over time, chosen to ignore.   Wise sages and prophets, both men and women, foretold of a great gift that would come from beyond the stars.   A gift to battle evil.   And end it.  
The gods look upon us and this world, watching.   The heavens, from whence we came, weep to see what we have become.   They weep!   For they prepared this world as a gift—for our flesh to be tried and proven against the spirit.   To prove ourselves worthy of an eternal weight of glory...and live once more among them.   And we have chosen the flesh!   The gods have not abandoned us.   They have not caused our pain and sorrows as we accuse.   We turn to our baser instincts, our selfishness, bringing pain and suffering upon those around us.   Pääjumä has reached out.   Called to us.   Most turn a deaf ear to His promptings.   To the warnings given.   So Pääjumä will send something more.   Something mortality will hear.   A beacon of hope and instruction shall fall from the heavens, embraced by an unbreakable judgement.   The heavens will send a light unto us.   That all who have ears to hear might listen and be saved.   We all choose our reward or punishment.   We all choose to be accepted or to be cast out.   For in the end all will be judged of their works in the flesh of this life, whether they be good or evil—that we may be the authors of our own fate.   Know that when an innocent child holds Pääjumä’s judgement in his hands and hope in his heart, an end to the evil is nigh.   The last shall be first and the first shall be last, and he who seeks to rule over all shall fall. ”  

-The Scroll of Eloci

Interpretations of Eloci

I don’t have much on the desert dweller, Eloci, but there are many interpretations among the wise and learned of the ages. So I’m going to rely more on what has been said and suggest we reason this out for ourselves.
“Eloci speaks of the coming of the Lanthya, and of the great descent to our world. For there is recorded among the people of my own village of Kevä-Äni, of the great star splitting in two. A white light falling to our people, while a green light was cast into the great sea afar off.   It is my belief that the innocent who will hold judgement in his hands and hope in his heart in none other than the Gnolaum, himself. For it is his calling to bring an end to Mahan's reign once and for all.”
“The gods and elementals have given our people teeth to defeat all who come against us. Green steel that yields not in sure hands.   Our brothers from the desert [Eloci] have warned us that in time, hands quicker than ours will claim these teeth as their own. So we will watch, and wait, testing all who claim what is not their own.   Until then, we will use our teeth to bite the shadows at every turn.”
“The Ithari is only part of the gift. Her protector isn’t the hero, it’s her mate.   Every hero knows this, so I’m told. The other part of the mantle, reserved for the one who will bring about the fall of Mahan himself and capture the Book of Dark Bindings.   The last hero told me that Ithari’s mate were two swords of shimmering green, wrapped in shards of power.   Sorry—that’s all I know.   Just hope I live long enough to see Mahan get his can kicked with those things!”
Using the means available to us, it is our conclusion that while the Lanthya landed near the position of the Evolu village of Kevä-Äni, its counterpart, or outer shell, landed in the Black Coral Ocean—where the western tip of Isumiir now resides.  
- University of Magic


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