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The Curse of the Sacred Crialium Stone

Written by littletoes101

The Curse of the Sacred Crialium Stone is the prevailing legend of a supposedly cursed Crialium gemstone that was lost sometime around 671 AR. While historians do not doubt the existence of the expensive and valuable stone itself -- there are multiple records, the majority of which are verified, that confirm the stone's existence at some point in time -- the part of this tale that makes it more fiction than fact in some creature's minds has to do with the Curse it supposedly holds. Part of that curse, as the legend goes, is that anyone in possession of the stone who attempts to tell someone else that they have it will not be believed; at best, they are scoffed at and waved off. At worst, they end up like Yilkur Sefsa, an Andrewsarchus creature who was believed to be a witch by his frightened town and burned at the stake.   While the stone was apparently "lost" around 671 AR on the continent of Faraardlaerd, it was not first recorded as a legend until 700 AR, when one of the supposed keepers of the stone wrote in their diary of the stone's existence, in an attempt to get around the curse. Unfortunately, this diary would not be discovered until decades after the owner's death, but their marking of the date is important in creating a timeline for the stone.  
"I should have listened to my Ma. I really should have. I should never have even looked at that cursed stone... I should have believed her when she said it was cursed in the first place. I should never have gone looking for it. So many things I should not, or should have, done... there's really no more time to keep moping about it, is there? I've just got to write this down and hope it escapes the curse, at least, so that no one else comes into contact with this wretched... cursed... possessed thing."
— The holder of the diary where the first recorded instance of the stone being cursed appears, approximately 700 AR, day 17 of month 8.
Date of First Recording
700 AR
Date of Setting
671 AR


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