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The Seraphim Blade

the weapon that breached the fire

"The gods destroyed the land and sea, and made blood sport in the sky. Some men wept while some men laughed, for the end of the world was nigh! The roaring fire laughed loudest of all, for a bloom walked sweetly through flame. And in in her hand was a sword of steel, that she drew in a dying god's name."  - Excerpt from "Epics from the First of the Last Days".
Original Tale   During the violent upheaval that was the Cataclysm, the Twin Gods were said to be fighting through the heavens. Every cut would send divine blood splashing towards the earth. Some of this blood fell upon humans, and it was often said that the blood of the Child of the Crown turned those it touched into villains; those baptized by the blood of the Child of the Burden became great heroes. While the priests firmly denied that the blood itself was capable of magically transforming allegiances, they admitted that many heroes and villains did rise at that time and engage in fierce battle. If the gods were fighting for dominion over the earth, then only fools and cowards would dare hide away. Sides were chosen, and many souls lost in the Cataclysm.   One such story from that time is that of the Rose Knight, lauded in myth as "the sword to the Mother's shield". As natural disasters and violent massacres ravaged the world over, she emerged from the chaos as a beacon of faith and courage. Calm and cool, she rallied those faithful to the Journey and led them in many battles immortalized in the "Epics from the First of the Last Days".   It was said that her sword was made from star fire and forged in Holy Blood. While there are several priceless relics and weapons that claim to be made of the same stuff, none of them have quite the romantic history of the Seraphim Blade. In the most fantastic of legends, it was said that the Rose Knight used the blade to destroy the Seat of Promise. By doing so, she dealt a deathblow to the pride of the Elder Ethelen, distracting him long enough for his brother to imprison him in battle.   Cultural Significance   While not accepted as doctrine in the Old Faith, it was common practice for little girls to be told the story of the Seraphim Blade. From a purely religious standpoint, they were told that should the need ever arise then fate might lead them to the sword. In this way, they would be called to become champions of the faith, and spiritual leaders of their people when earthly authority failed them. They were encouraged to emulate the virtues of the Rose Knight, and to remember that a sword sheathed is still a sword...that being battle-ready was more important than being in a battle.   Later on, it became the custom to tell the story of the Seraphim Blade around the time of a girl's blossoming. A doting mother would often encourage her daughter to not only grow in courage and virtue, but also be ready to defend herself. With wisdom and strength, she was expected to lift the sword or the knife should any man attempt to force himself upon her or threaten her children. The Seraphim Blade became a symbol of the ideal woman; brave and saintly, ready to walk through fire.   The Rose Knight is a saint in the Old Faith, and while her story is no doubt exaggerated, her historical existence is a commonly accepted fact. Therefore it follows that the Seraphim Blade also exists. The common consensus is that wherever it is hidden, roses will be found nearby. Anyone who dares to grow them should be prepared to replace them once a treasure hunter has exhumed them overnight in a mad search for the Seraphim Blade.
Date of First Recording
320 AC
Date of Setting
Circa BC


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