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The Viridian Scarf

Fen ran as she slammed the door shut. She felt safe inside her home, behind its strong walls and next to the warm fireplace. She took off her shoes, stained by the chase, as she took a moment to abandon the cold and reflect of what had happened. Her breath, irregular.

To her surprise, her meditation was interrupted by a tingle on her left ankle. It was subtle, but constant, as the passage of time. A single piece of greenish cloth peeked under the closed door, seemingly innocent and trapped under the weight of the wood. Fen looked at it for a second before peeking through the window and carefully opening the handle to the exterior.

A burst of freezing wind gripped her face tightly, as the smell of calendulas and the light of the lamppost outside peered into the inside of the house. The green tatter extended in an almost serpent like shape, ready to attack. She took her last breath, knowing that she had chosen wrong once again.

The Viridian Scarf didn't care about her name, it didn't care about who she was. It didn't even care about what she had done to our heroes, it just did its job.
-Tales of a Hundred Scarves


The Viridian Scarf is an omen of death. It appears from time to time on a random location, always announced by an unusually strong gust of wind that brings leaves and flowers wherever it traverses. It wraps around its victims' necks until they snap or choke, embraced by its soft wool. It doesn't leave other witnesses that those who are out of its path of havoc and destruction. Nobody understands its purpose, but keep your windows closed when the wind rises, just as a precaution.  
Never cut it, never burn it. For it is vengeful. And the hands of your enemies won't come close when your own eyes observe the very essence of your untimely demise around your neck.
-Tales of a Hundred Scarves

Historical Basis

The Viridian Scarf was a possession of a greatly infamous sellsword specialized in assassination and robbery, especially those of the Mikotian nobles of the 1610s D.R. His scarf always hid his smile as the guards entered the room where the corpse of their master lied dead, it was his trademark and a great part of the spectacle he liked to cause on his so-called missions. It took the combined forces of several private armies and knights of the kingdom to locate and capture him. His execution was exemplary and is regarded as one of the most important events of the Chellyco period on Mikoto. That day, the only part of him that managed to escape was his scarf. Once his head was severed from the rest of the body, the piece of clothing was lifted by the wind, never to be seen again.


This myth is widely spread across all people in the Inner Section of Ferolia, Mikoto, given that all the original victims resided in its various settlements. Aside from there, it wouldn't be uncommon for most Ferolians to have read or listened to Tales of a Thousand Scarves, since its less gory passages make for great tales for children.

Variations & Mutation

Originally, the scarf carried with itself the signature weapon of its wielder, a staff. It used the object in the same manner as its owner did, using a direct hit to the neck to cut the respiration and break the bones. This later got changed by the writers of Tales of a Hundred Scarves into the scarf acting by itself, as it created a less absurd concept while keeping the cruelty and general demeanor of the object.

This version is the one that has been kept until the present day. However, in some of the towns closer to Hadana, it's believed that the scarf possesses the one who wears it. That's why on the windy nights, it's best to not let any stranger wearing a green scarf enter a tavern or house unless they're disposed to save it anywhere else, far from sight.

Cultural Reception

The Viridian Scarf, as in the original assassin, is seen as a sign of rebellion against the wealthy. Elements of its persona and morals, which had been hidden by the authorities, reached many communities in phases of great social inequality. While his sadistic nature and extravagant actions were not recreated by the populace, the Staff and the Scarf became the main outfit used by protesters, especially during the later phases of the Zephyr Empires occupation.

It's also noteworthy that other many assassins or murderers have attempted to imitate the original, as a sign of skill, but neither their bloodthirst nor their execution has ever gotten close to that of the Viridian Scarf.
Date of First Recording
Around 1625 D.R
Date of Setting
Around 1610 D.R
Did you know...?
That the famous song by Bard Meno Tokai, "My hugs won't", is a reference to the concept of how the Scarf itself will never be able to function as a piece of clothing again, since it always kills whoever wears it.

In Literature
As mentioned in this article, the myth of the Viridian Scarf was recollected by an anonymous group of Ferolian writers in the book Tales of a Hundred Scarves, a collection of stories about many different characters and the Scarves they wore, as a representation of their identity.

In Art
As the Scarf is seen as an executioner, some Ferolian currents of painting and artistry have taken a liking of representing death wearing the Scarf or using said Scarf to communicate death or dread.
There's a statue dedicated to the mysterious assassin in a square of Grain Melahna, Mikoto, built in his honor in 2877 D.R after a particularly violent revolt and as a sign of strength by the protestors.


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