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The Lost Treasure of Elisabeth Saltfroid IV

Knowledge is Power

Written by Endrise

Treasure comes in many forms. Some see it in a glimmer of gold, others in the friends they made throughout their journeys. But I have found the greatest treasure of them all: knowledge.   At the depths of the sea I learned the truth of the world and carved my name with it into history. I brought forth an age of power to my family's name, but only I may ever know the secrets behind it.   So heed my warning: curiosity kills. My treasure will remain buried, and those who seek after it shall die amongst the waves.
— Extract from Elisabeth Saltfroid IV's journal

One of the more fabled treasures buried across the Crescent Sea is the one of Elisabeth Saltfroid IV. Sought after other pirates, people believe it to be fortune and power beyond comprehension.

Nobody knows where it is buried nor what it truly holds. All of which leading to a wild goose chase across the open sea by everyone aware of the treasure.

Secret of the Crescent Sea

Elisabeth's Rise to Power

The stories go that Elisabeth Saltfroid IV found amongst her journeys something that gave her the power to conquer the Crescent Sea. People assume it to be some sort of knowledge, allowing her to win battles against other pirates with relative ease.

With it, she rose to the title of Crescent Captain, unmatched for as long as she lived. Before her death, she wrote about the existence of the treasure, making people first aware of it.

Searching with no Clue

The problem was that nobody knew what to search for. Elisabeth Saltfroid IV's clues only gave as much information as that the treasure existed, without any indicators or landmarks to look for. Pirates of the Crescent Sea moved from island to island to find it, most dying along the journey. Either by natural causes or disasters striking them and their crews.

People stopped searching over time, turning into a mere legend. Over the years, people doubted it even existed, seeing it as a lie made by Elisabeth to lure rivals into a pointless hunt.

Hundreds have tried to find her fabled treasure over the centuries, but to no avail.

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The Journal's clues

A lot of people look at Elisabeth's journal for clues, believing it to hold a way to find her treasure. From deciphering the writings to checking for any hidden texts or maps.

Of course, nobody has found any cipher nor key yet. The only hint that exists is a single paragraph highlighted amongst the pages:

Only amongst the dead shall one find my treasure.

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Cover image: Myth/Legend Cover by Endrise


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5 Jul, 2020 12:24

Ooo, such an interesting myth. I particularly like the extract from Elizabeth's journal - quite a chilling warning. Her last name - 'Saltfroid' - is wonderful too.

5 Jul, 2020 12:25

Oh my gosh, 'Elisabeth', I'm sorry!