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The Bow Of Artemis

Artemis is a very well known huntress Goddess. She is the daughter of Zeus. Twin to Apollo the God of Sun and Prophecy. She has become the patron to young maidens who wish to emulate their Goddess. They accompany her on hunts and she is as much mentor as sister. Her prowess with her bow and arrows has been the stuff of legend since ancient Roman times. Most people never actually thought they were real weapons, however. The bow itself doesn't look like anything special on it's own. Once the string is drawn back, that is when the magic happens. They are believed to be made by the mighty craftsman God, Hephaestus and a Cyclops. The bow seems to glow with this radiant light. The bows from her quiver appear like silver moonlight. They never miss! These arrows, no, this weapon always finds it's mark. The damage done is greater than any typical bow and arrow can muster! No matter how many arrows you rain down on your enemy, you never run out! It doesn't matter what you are hunting, either. You will always have a weapon that maximizes the prey's greatest weakness. Hunting a werewolf or shapeshifter? The tip of your arrow is silver. Hunting a fey creature? The tip reacts like iron. Hunting a vampire? The tip reacts like mistletoe. Nothing can stand in the way of whomever wields this mighty weapon! Artemis has brought down titans with her bow! Needless to say, this is the most deadliest weapon known as, theoretically, it can kill a God.   Scholars and treasure seekers alike have tried to find these mythical items for centuries. One such archaeologist literally stumbled her way to them. Alice Watson had to be the luckiest woman alive to find such treasure! But, was it luck? Or something more?


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