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The Fall of Barsamin

The Fall of Barsamin is a widely told myth about the the destruction of the Palace of the Heavens said to be built by the Descendants around the The Swirling Eye before they descended. The myth is one of the central Myths in the Old Heavanic Pantheon


The myth describes how the gods built five palaces around the Swiriling eye for their children the Demigods to live in. The first part of the myth details how ideallic the palace were and how the catered to the every needs of the demigods. The tail then goes on to tell about the Empero's who led the palaces and how they had to deal with the trickster god Herms  who kept breaking the the palaces.   The second part of the tail goes on to describe how many of the Demigods turned away from the gods and the Heavens because of Herms actions. This part of the myth tells how over rule of different Empero's Herms actions became more severe and his hatred grew for the Demigods. Eventually, Herm's actions cause a group of the Demigods to split from the Palace and descend to Didome.   The myth spends a long time cataloging how the descendants destroyed four of the Palaces bringing them down to Didome oiece by by piece. They were reconstructed together as a grand city they named Prometheus. During this part of the Myth we also see Herms rage grow as the Decedents destroy the palaces of the gods.   The final part of the myth describes how Herm turns to Lok  the last of the Demigods and whispers in his dreams about how the Descents have abandoned him and how humanity is meant to walk among the heavens and not walk in the muck and filth. In one final act of rage Lok and Herm destroy the foundations Barsamin the last palace and send it crashing down upon the descendants new city of Prometheus.   The final lines of the myth describe how when The Swirling Eye is new you can still see bits of Barsamin scattered across the sky and occasionally if you are really luck you can see bits of Barsamin falling to Didome, as the remnants streak across the sky.


While this myth comes from the Old Heavanic Religon of the early Nil Yeni peoples, scholars have noted that many cultures across Didome have myths about humanity was related to gods and descended to Didome. For example, the Hu-Sol-Cid have a myth about a great city built around The Swirling Eye and they modeled Sol-Cid around that city.   Even the People of the Derwash separated by the Noshar Wastes have a very similar creation story myth.
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