Forging of Manedir

The Forging of Manedir describes the events that led to all gods coming together and create the mystical hammer Manedir from which all the other mystical items of the gods would originate. The powers of the legendary hammer are said to be immense, but ever since the battle and subsequent fall of Zecod, the hammer is said to be split into pieces and spread across the world.
Predominant belief in Caramiza is that all six pieces are somewhere within the lands of the nation, as a special blessing of their most adored deity Maned to them.


And Maned looked at his creations and he was not satisfied, for none of them contained the power to create. And he said "I Shall request the help of all of my brethren. For only the power of all the gods will be enough for granting the ability to create!" And thus he went to his brothers and sisters with his plea.
  The myth begins in the times when the gods still walked among the mortal people, ruling them and guiding them to become civilized. During these times, the gods decided to manifest their powers into special tools, to lend to their mortal followers. But their first efforts were of no success.   It was Maned, who first devised an item that itself would be able to distill the powers of the gods into new creations. After several failures and deliberation with his fellow gods, they all came together, to combine their powers into a single item.  
Maned himself created the head of the hammer, filling it with his knowledge of creation and materials.
Sabes, the goddess of wisdom, created the lower part of the handle, to guide the wielder in his movements.
Lirini, the goddess of Fertility provided the upper shaft and imbued it with the energy of life itself.
Vitukua, the god of Death and Restraint provided the bands constraining and strengthening the head.
Gazezu , the god of harvest provided the shaft's cap, imbuing it with the power of luck and goodness.
And finally Apac, the god of kings and power provided the top jewel of the hammer, blessing every item for greatness created with this tool.   Together, they created Maned's hammer Manedir and it was the most powerful tool ever created - itself able to create any tool imaginable.   It was soon coveted by the greedy god Zecod and was attempted to be stolen multiple times by him or his followers. Ultimately, Maned wielded the hammer itself against Zecod, smiting him from the heavens - but in using the hammer for destruction, Manedir broke apart and its pieces spread all over the world.

Historical Basis

It is unclear if Manedir was in fact the first artifact created by the gods - however its existence and powers are most likely fact. So far, there have been multiple hints towards the current places of the scattered pieces which themselves display amazing abilities.   Legend has it that recombining Manedir would enable a person to ascend to the ranks of deities to take the empty spot left by Zecod.


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Full Pantheon
Commonly known
Oral Tradition, Clerical Songs
Most likely fact
Date of Setting
Multiple Centuries before recorded history starts
Careful: Spoilers
About the creation of the Artifact
All seven gods participated in creating the hammer.
Zecod in fact provided the connection between the lower and upper shaft and imbued it with the energy and determination of all his ambitions to always create the best tools.
Believing he provided a most integral part (which, debatably is true), he wanted to use the hammer more than he was allowed to by his brother Apac, ultimately fueling his resentments.


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Sage Tris
Tris (necromancertris)
2 Jul, 2020 10:48

I absolutely LOVE the idea that there is no creation without cooperation! Much like with stories in general, nothing exists in a vacuum, everything is influenced by something, by many things, in fact! I think this is a really nice touch to have this be acknowledged basically by all the gods of your world. And it makes me feel better, somehow xD

3 Jul, 2020 16:21

I LOVE this article! It beautifully touches on all the things a good lost item legend needs. Well done!

3 Jul, 2020 19:28

Wow!! I love this article! The header and the aesthetic of it is really well assembled but your narrative voice is also really strong. Everything is clear and thoroughly described, it didn't leave me with any confusion. I love the concept that the hammer was destroyed going against its very nature. That's such a great launch point for themes and stories! Wow!