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Caramiza is the nation occupying most of the area of the Greenwinds Valley. It is one of the prominent political forces in the larger region and one of the furthest developed in terms of magical and technological science. It is led by a hereditary monarchy augmented by a mostly oligarchic council. Only recently the council partially opened up to general elections.  


  The territory of Caramiza spans from the edge of the Ukanten Mountains in the west to the Gamian Sea in the east. The northern border is mostly defined by the Lower Camiten Stream and the southern border by the Rosteyn River. To the southwest the territory borders on the Serrenten Mountains and to the northwest on the Terkanten Mountains.  


The main religion as with most nations is following the Great Pantheon, but different to any other nation, their officially chosen main deity to praise is not Apac the leader of the pantheon, but Maned the god of craftsmen and trade.   Even though the general population is completely aware of the factual existence of the gods, the general faith and trust in the church have started to slowly decay. Certain traditions are still upheld, but the church has long lamented a lack of piousness in their fellowship. Some prophetic or would-be prophetic elements have warned about possible negative consequences of this in the future.   Their predictions have turned especially gloom since the next cycle of a more significant return of Zecod's Tear is coming closer and this is usually a dark time of despair and misery. The church fears the population will not be ready for such an event without the proper religious guidance.  

Foreign Politics

  While the shift in religions has happened several centuries ago, it still has contributed to long-lasting conflict with the political neighbors, especially Knurkang the largest southern neighbor. This conflict has turned into small to midsized campaigns against each other multiple times and there have been many diplomatic squabbles over the dominion of the seven smaller states between them.   Relations with the larger state to the northwest , behind the Ukanten Mountains are relatively neutral. Based on the religeous differences there is still some reservation and occasional misunderstandings, but generall trade and diplomatic exchange is well alive with the nation of Pereitun.   The relation with Finoza to the north is generally amicable, despite the occasional discussion about the dominion over the smaller nations between the two arms of the Camiten Stream between them. Over the centuries, the nations of Peralisia, Peratia Mina and Perizia ave shifted allegience multiple times while still maintaing most of their independence.   Most of the members of the Gamian Group are settlements within Caramiza. However, efforts of the regent and council to control the group so far were unsuccessful, they do provide useful diplomatic backchannels with both Finoza and Knurkang. Some agents in the council are worried about rising amount of political and industrial espionage, not in the least through the channels of the Gamian Group.  


  Caramiza's economy has an emphasis on free trade and development, however, the state itself has the right to demand certain levels of productions in exchange for lowered tax rates. This basically means while any merchant and craftsmen can expand and invest as they please, the state always holds a certain amount of ownership and control over the business and will demand and take its share. This also does include a safety net for the businesses, as the state generally is liable for the assets.  

Technological and Social disruptions

  The current technological developments in machinery and engines powered by both magical and chemical means have kickstarted a rapid increase in industrial production. Quotas are met with ease, granting the industrialists larger gains than ever before. This is leading to a noticeable shift in power as the industrialists' influence has grown to a point where they start to control larger regions and even complete settlements almost independently from the rule of the regent. Whitesteel Inc is a notable example of this developement.   The situation within the production facilities is orientated towards high efficiency and productivity with a dangerous disregard for human labor's safety and well being. The malcontent in the worker's class is growing and the first instances of an uprising have already happened.
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I find it very interesting that the council is beginning to open itself up to a more democratic election process.   The section on religion is the bit I found most interesting. I like that there is some level of distrust in the church, despite the knowledge that gods are real. I assume that it's more a lack of belief in the church than a lack of belief in the gods?   I really liked learning a little bit about their relations with other countries near them too. :)

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