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The island of Freora is one of the largest islands within the Gamian Sea off the coast of Caramiza. It features an almoste completely forested area with three lone mountains on it, called the three watchmen Mountains.   Only a few people live on Freora, though the island has been so far a trading outpost, a fleet harbour, a research laboratory, a meeting place for diplomatic talks, and a place of recreation for excentric rich people. For some reason, none of these endeavors last for long and there are phases of multiple years where the world simply seems to forget about this island.   Freora is said to have little valuable resources. There is wood, of course, and the mountains seem to carry a little bit of ore, but not enough for ambitious industrial processing.   There is relatively regular ferry traffic between the island and a few cities on the mainland, namely Gamiantown Wassersteyn The Island is the last known place to be visited by Hendrik Gustaffson,just before his tragic disappearance during his return.   It is said, the Dance of the Octopus takes place on this island and there is a shrine of Lirini dedicated to this myth on Freora.
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