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Fenorijten Swamp

The Fenorijten Swamp is a relatively inhospitable region of wetlands and marshes in the south eastern part of Caramiza, between the Fenoria Stream and the Rosteyn River.   There are not many big settlements within the swamp, but several larger settlements are arround it, most notably Gamiantown Beawater, the largest settlement at the south edge of the swamp. Many villages life off the riches of the swamps but only few actually live inside.   The region is rich in fruit rees, especially many cherrytess of which the locals destill their famous Cherrynac. The region also is home to many colorful flowers, which has caused several expeditions by the owners of Leaf And Let Dye into the region.   Despite the riches, living here is not advised. Aside from the fact that the ground is often not safe to walk or even build on, the swamp's fauna and even flora itself is aggressive towards living beings. A daring traveller can encounter several carnivorous creatures as well as creatures luring people to death to pick of the bodies. The swamps are filled with plants that will grab, grapple or constrict you while you slowly sink into the muddy ground. Some specialized flora even spread pollen to confuse victims or set them asleep. Add to this the high humidity and the many different insects, and no sane person would want to live in the swamp.   A few odd hermits do live here, however, and show remarkable skill in surviving. Over the decades they were the source of many myths, like the Fenorijten Moss Hermit or the cautionary tale of the Wanderer in the Morast   An ancient lost Temple of Gazezu is rumored to be in the center of the swamp and some daring adventurers plan an upcoming expedition to find it.
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