Leaf And Let Dye

Leaf and Let Dye is the name of a well known herbal shop, with a focus on healing herbs and herbal coloring pigments. Originally founded by the two brothers Bastian Leafid and Regis Eric Leafid in Gamiantown Heymwasser, the shop is now in the fifth generation and has additional locations in several larger towns across Caramiza, including Bealuki, Taymtstrom and Selversheyn.  
Try the best herbal remedies in this world, you would not beleaf how effective they are.
— B.Leafid
  The shop is well known for its high-quality herbs with potent healing abilities. while the region around Heymwasser is already well known for its plentiful supply of medicinal herbs, the shop also has a large herbal garden where they cultivated many foreign species. In fact, cultivating and breeding herbal plants was a passion by Regis Eric Leafid, whose extensive documentation "About the Cultivation of Herbal Remedies" is available as a copy in the shop itself.  
Our beautiful colors are unique and simply to dye for!
— R.E. Lefid
  The second branch of the shop is focused on pigments produced out of herbs and plants, the passion of Bastian Leafid. The fabled processing method of the Leafid brothers produced the most colorful and long-lasting pigments in the world. Due to their entirely plant-based nature, these pigments prove ideal for dyeing magical items, especially glass lenses, magical carbs, and crystals. Therefore, the temples of the gods are keen customers of the shop.   To satisfy the rising demand in dyes, the shop purchased several acres around the town to plant the many colorful flowers for their dyes. The so-called "Way of Leafing" towards Heymwasser is lined by kaleidoscopic fields of flowers during spring and most of the summer, often itself a reason to visit the region.  

Further Details

The growing industry of ore-based pigments is starting to become a fierce competitor for this traditional shop.
A few decades ago, Rince, the apprentice of the time claimed to have created pigments for a so far unknown color. People report that the pigment looks mostly transparent with a slight grey tint but never confirmed any new color.
This shop was the first to create a white Dye - often described as "White-Sand-colored", the Colonel-Dye was made of a secret blend of 11 herbs and flowers in total and was popular among the temple of Sabes.
During the wildfire of 1653, a large portion of the herbal garden was lost and covered the whole town in a well-scented cloud of smoke. Many people claim this smoke had surprising healing effects. Since the wildfire, a collection of seeds for every plant is kept in safe storage.
Shop, Generic
B. Leafid, R.E. Leafid
Founding Date
Healing Remedies and Plant based Pigments

Exclusive Herbs

Golden Flowerfinger
Complex Eyeroot

Exclusive Dyes

Cinder Red
Sunset Orange
Maned's Glow Yellow
Bogfly Spark Lime
Forest Green
Seawind Cyan
Deepwater Blue
Trustleaf Magenta
Twilight Purple
Freshroot Ocker
Nightsky Black
Colonel Sand-White


Author's Notes

Once you start with a pun and some odd references, it is kind of hard to stop. What puns and references can you find? Do you have any more ideas? Leave a comment! Maybe I include your ideas.

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This sounds amazing. I would love to visit and just browse - and I'd also love to see the herb garden!

1 Dec, 2020 21:03

In my mind, the herb garden is a lovely and peaceful place but with some areas fenced off - as not all plants are safe to touch.

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