About the Cultivation of Herbal Remedies

And that is when I discovered the offspring of a yellow blooming Panathea and a red blooming Panathea is not a Panathea blooming orange. With regards to the ancestry of each parent, the bloom could in rare cases even become of blue color. The following model will introduce the concept of an individual's attributive nodes they hold in their interior and may pass along to their offsprings.
  About the Cultivation of Herbal Remedies is a collection of the extensive notes about crossbreeding herbal plants to achieve specific effects and properties by Regis Eric Leafid. Within his notes, he postulates the existence of internal attributive nodes that are affecting the actual physical attributes of a specimen. with some wildly speculative postulates at the time, he demonstrates in this document the fundamental theory of Genetic Heritage.   The book and its contents went ignored for a long time, only late in the life of Regis he published his notes and ordered several copies from it to distribute to the scientific society in the southern area of Caramiza. An exemplar of the original handwritten copies is today stored in the National Library of Sciences to Selversheyn.


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