Leafid Herbal Gardens

The Leafid Herbal Gardens are the largest of its kind in Caramiza, and are home to a large number of specially bred medicinal herbs. The Gardens are located in Gamiantown Heymwasser and are a walled of area right next to the shop Leaf And Let Dye, to which they belong.   Founded by Bastian Leafid, the Gardens have increased in size several times over the past decades and multiple streets and houses have been torn down or partially included in the structure. Parts of the garden are under a glass roof and others are in deep shadow due to overlapping branches and leaves. With constructions like these, there are multiple different conditions for the herbs, to produce the best quality results.   It is possible to get a guided tour through the gardens, however some sections of especially deadly plants, even to the slightest careless touch, have been strictly walled off. Some of these herbs are extremely valuable, even in unprocessed form and the shop has already started to hire security personnel to guard the gardens.   After a devastating fire in 1653 almost destroyed the full garden and most of the flower fields of Heymwasser, a secure storage location was installed underground, safe from flood, fire, water, and a possible raid by magical starving flying gerbils.


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