Gamiantown Heymwasser

Wandering among the flower fields of Heymwasser or the small, hidden cobblestone streets within the city trasport you into a magical, fantastic world, wher the power of botany is making almost everything possible.
The region around the settlement Heymwasser at the Camiten Stream, is ruled by a mercentile council and member of the Gamian Group Trade Alliance.   Heymwasser is especially known for the famous herbal and dye shop Leaf And Let Dye with its associated Leafid Herbal Gardens. The larger region of the city is surrounded by large flower fields, which have become the most traded commodity of the area.   As a result of the Herbal Garden's success and growth, a group of scholars has founded the Botanical Academy to Heymwasser in 1687, to further examine the possibilities of herbal medicine and crossbreeding of species.

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