Sabes is a goddess of the Great Pantheon and the goddess of Magic, Elements, Wisdom, and Stars. She is known to guide gifted scientists to a better understanding of both the workings of magic and the fundamentals of natural science, and even many people heavenly dedicated to hard science and facts turn to Sabes for her blessing of their studies.   She is the main patreon of science and education, and her teachings and laws reflect that. Many scriptures expand upon how Sabes viewed education as sacrosanct and a basis for a happy and self-sufficient individual.   Her insignia is the orb and the telescope, both symbols that constantly reoccur in the crests of most magical schools and scientific congregations.   Her apex of power is the night, and most practices and rituals in the name of Sabes draw their power from the stars.  

Small details

  It is common, to this day, to use the symbol of Sabes on any serious scientific publication. Knowingly using the symbol on a fraudulent piece, however, would incur the danger of retaliation by the goddess or her priests themselves.
Aligned Organization


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