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Great Pantheon

The Great Pantheon is the group of the six most powerful divine beings that exist in this world. While there are other entities that have ascended into the realm of deities, the pantheon of Apac, Sabes, Maned, Vitukua, Gazezu, and Lirini houses the most potent individuals. These beings were originally mortal - as were all divine beings - and they ascended through various means roughly 8000 years ago within the span of at most seven years.   The Great Pantheon is revered by most human nations in the world, and many political and judicial orders are based on the teaching of at least one specific god. In most cases, the leading figure of the pantheon is said to be Apac, God of Kings and Law, however in Caramiza the church places Maned, God of Trade and Craftsmen into their center. Some orders with the focus on studies and wisdom adopt Sabes, Goddess of Wisdom and Magic as their patron, while the others are more omnipresent in the daily life of a mortal.  

The Gods



Apac the god of Kings, War, Law, and the sun is generally seen as the strongest and most stern of the pantheon. His insignia is the sword and the scepter. His apex of power is the day.


Sabes the goddess of Magic, Elements, Wisdom, and Stars is the main patreon of science and education. Her insignia is the orb and the telescope. Her apex of power is the night.


Maned is the god of Crafts, Trade, Mechanics, and Wealth and the main patreon of Caramiza. His symbols are the hammer, the bell, and the coin. His apex of power is in the summer.


Vitukua is the god of Nature, Balance, Death, and Medicine and the main patreon of Medical Personnel. His symbols are the Frost, the tree, and the dragon. His apex of power is in the winter.


Lirini is the goddess of Celebration, Wine, Society and Harvest and the patreon of all hunters and farmers. Her symbols are the sickle, the vine, and the flute. Her apex of power is in the fall.


Gazezu is the goddess of Peace, Light, Art and Fertility and the patreon of all families and diplomats. Her symbols are the feather, the mirror and the sunrise. Her apex of power is in the spring.


Zecod is the god of darkness, decay and chaos. Originally part of the Great Pantheon, he was imprisoned within Zecod's Tear.


As each god originally started out mortal, they all ascended in their own personal way. All of them started out as already magically gifted beings, leaders of their time and each of them undertook a special voyage to unlock their divine potential. Not every detail of these voyages is known but of course, many legends surround them.  
  • Apac's travels were part of a large war effort against dark and evil creatures. Upon defeating the ultimate foe and saving the life of the king, his heroic ascension was completed.
  • Sabes' travels were in the search of ancient knowledge to unlock the power of the stars. With her magic and accumulated wisdom, upon finding a certain ancient text, she was able to achieve the ascension of understanding.
  • Maned's search for ancient artifacts led him to a deeper understanding of the workings of the world. He was able to create his own artifacts that elevated him with his masterful ascension.
  • Gazezu' travel led her through the lands of several tribes warring for generations. Upon seeing their misery she helped them achieve and understand peace. At this point Gazezu achieved the ascension of tranquillity.
  • Vitukua's travels were in search of the most ancient and legendary creatures, the dragons. He crossed all the lands for these godlike creatures only to find them extinct despite all their knowledge. Instead of despairing, Vitukua accepted the nature of life and death and soon reached the ascension of equilibrium.
  • Lirini's life goal soon became the honoring of traditions and the celebration of life. Her travel's included studying the many cultures and their traditions, from which she developed her own powerful rituals, to finally achieve the ascension of elation during a grand celebration.
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    Author's Notes

    The deities of this world are perhaps one of the oldest concepts deep within my notebook - it was past time to finally write down who they are and how they came to be.

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    Dec 2, 2020 11:04

    I always like to see how people come up with different divine domains for a pantheon! It was a bit confusing seeing a seventh god (Zecod) in the pantheon when the introduction only mentions six of them, but I like the history behind it!

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    I can understand that confusion. Maybe I should highlight his "ex"-member status a bit more, so one can see it at a glance

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    Dec 2, 2020 22:07 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

    I love the stories of how each god ascended from their mortal lives! I also really like the symbols for each god, and that they each have their own times where they are most powerful.

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