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Zecod's Tear

Zecod's Tear is a periodically recurring comet in the night sky above Caramiza that is visible during three nights every 33 years. It is rumored to be the prison of the fallen god Zecod and its arrival is always accompanied by dark times of catastrophes, wars, and suicides.  
Look upon that dark red flame in the sky! Our Dark Lord has returned to us, and he will bring with him his horrifying blessing! Rejoice! Cower! Perish!
  The comet Zecod's Tear is a recurring astronomical phenomenon with many magical side-effects. While being studied by both clergy and academia, it was not yet possible to fully explain multiple phenomena conclusively. The comet always appears in the southern night sky and comes close enough to the lands, that it will start to burn up some atmosphere. Yet it never falls but only passes by three times, to disappear again for 23 years. Each time it burns with a dark red tail and illuminates the night with the same strength as a full moon.   The approach of the comet does have multiple effects - besides the typical push and pull causing floods in the coastal areas. When it approaches, some areas of dark magic become more potent, the general mood of a person is prone to depression and aggression and people fall more easily ill during these times. Several bloody wars have been started or needlessly prolonged during the appearance of Zecod's Tear.   The followers of Zecod believe that their god is able to return when the comet is closest. They usually focus many of their efforts to revive him in these times, contributing to the general atmosphere of fear in these times. So far they have not been successful.  

Additional Information

The comet has a close pass-by with the moon every time and the distances are getting smaller with each appearance.
People born under the comet are said to bring misfortune. The current Heir-Apparent was born under the comet and the church is worried about him.
There is no known piece of art, no book, painting, or music that was created during the arrival of Zecod's Tear that is not considered terrible by the general public.
The cycle of twenty-three years is not exact but has a variation of up to 3 months. This messes up some interpretations of prophecies, and no mathematical model has yet been found to explain this variance.
Last appearance was in 1673 caused peace talks between Caramiza and Knurkang to break down, leading to a blood battle, additionally fortifying the hostile relationship between the countries.
The only known instance of a temple of Apac being destroyed by a natural disaster was during the comet. The temple was washed away by a giant wave of water and mud. Said temple was over 100km away from any coast.
Alternative Name(s)
Bloodcomet, Darkbringer
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