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Apac is a member and de-facto leader of the Great Pantheon and the god of Kings and Leadership, War, Laws, and the sun. He is generally seen as a very stern and demanding god, setting high expectations towards his followers and the regents he supports.   He is the patron of every ruler and of people leading in the military. Apac is known as a heroic strategist, capable of calmly working out the best tactics as well as being a heroic and selfless fighter at the front line. Furthermore, Apac's teachings are the basis of all laws in most nations of the world and they include several dogmen about how a proper regent should behave and treat his subjects, especially how to advance the people under his rules to become better as a whole.   Apac is revered as the main deity in most nations, with the notable exception of Caramiza, where the nation's church elevated Maned above Apac. The famous book "Discussions with the Gods" claims that Apac himself was rather amused by this switch, proclaiming he did not mind having one less people to worry about. Despite this, signs of Apac's interventions and blessings towards the regents of Caramiza have not reduced in number.   Being the god of the sun, the apex of his power is the day. Many important political decisions are proclaimed at sunrise and treaties made during the night are seen as less reliable, as they are without Apac's blessing. Some scholars argue about this, especially considering, that Gazezu is the actual goddess of diplomacy and Maned the actual god of trades and contracts.


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