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Maned is a god of the Great Pantheon and the god of craftsmanship, mechanics, wealth, and trade. He is known to guide engineers towards improving their crafts and rewards feeling pride in your own hands' work. Furthermore, his word and his subsequent rules ensure the fairness of trades and many economical rules still find their foundation in the theories proposed by Maned himself.   As an exception to the rule, Maned is the main deity of Caramiza instead of Apac, the actual leader of the Great Pantheon. At the beginning of the 14th century, Erzzeuge Johannes Greenweid announced the schism from the church of Apac and declared Maned the patron of the more trade oriented Caramiza.   Maned's insignias are the Hammer, the bell, and the coin. The bell actually has a physical representation within the culture of Caramiza, as it has become customary to signal the final decision in a trade negotiation with the ringing of a bell. In the Trade Cathedral of Bealuki even hangs the Handelsgut Bell which is said to blessed by Maned himself- as it is not possible to break a promise made when this bell rings.   His apex of power is considered to be the summer. It is a common belief that weapons and armor forged during the summer, especially during the hottest day of the year, are usually the strongest. Also, honest or possibly selfless trade deals made during the summer will most likely award you high returns.   Maned's hammer Manedir was one of the great artifacts created by the gods and instrumental in unlocking the power of creation to the Great Pantheon. During the confrontation with Zecod, however, the artifacted shattered when Maned used it to subdue the evil member of the seven.   In typical imagery, Maned is often shown standing, with his large smithing hammer standing in front of him. He is usually drawn with a huge golden beard and in smith's clothing combined with chain mail. In the oldest depictions that have been found, especially in the Ukanten Ruins his proportions are notably sturdier, much shorter compared to this width. Researches attribute this to a less developed style of drawing.


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Dec 5, 2020 00:20 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Maned sounds like he would be a decent god to follow. I love the little detail about the discrepency in older drawings of him.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 5, 2020 09:28 by Vertixico

Yeah, the discrepancies are a little odd, aren't they? Odd physique for a god that originally was a human, but maybe that's because he is such a smith, I guess

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