Erzzeuge Johannes Greenweid

Erzzeuge Johannes Greenweid

Tell me, boy, what good is a crown if there is noone to forge it? To mine the ore, to refine the metal? What good is a king, if they rule over a horde of animals?
— Erzzeuge of Maned Johannes Greenweid to Heir Apparent Gustav II.
The first Erzzeuge of Maned to the Church of Caramiza Johannes Greenweid the Ironblessed was the main agitator behind the split of Caramiza's clergy from the rest of the nations'. Erzzeuge Ironblessed was lifting up the church of Maned in Caramiza even above the usual admiration of Apac, the primary deity and god of light and rulership.   His actions would ultimately lead to serious shifts in the cultural and technological development of Caramiza, but also trigger tensions between nations that would erupt into conflicts decades after Ironblessed's passing.  

Early Life and Education

  Johannes Greenweid grew up in a Caramizian merchant's family as the third son of five. He was well educated and entered the church of maned as a pupil in young years. Here, he learned the craft of forging as well as the many duties of trade-related mediation. His career in the church was exemplary, as he showed many talents desired in a clergical figure.  

Becoming Erzzeuge

  Johannes became Erzzeuge in 1255 in exceptionally young years, as his predecessor died unexpectedly in an incursion of demonic activity. Being the youngest of the six Erzzeugen in Caramiza, he often encountered a lot of resistance towards his proposals and pleas at first. However, with his gifting of the very first iteration of the Handelsgut Bell to the city of Bealuki, and other activities, he gained adoration from the general populace.   It was on his decision to move the main temple of Maned from the original religious main city of Selversheyn to Caramiza's capital Bealuki. With this move, his influence on the regent's family grew significantly and he fortified his position of the importance of Maned for Caramiza even above Apac himself.  

Schism from the Apac Centered Church

  While in the church all deities were revered, it was to this point without debate to honor Apac as the highest of the gods. Based on his knowledge of the gods being ascended mortals, Johannes debated openly the dominance of Apac in the church. While not denouncing Apac's domain and benevolence, he proclaimed Maned to be the patron deity of the craftsmanship- and trade-centered culture prevalent in Caramiza. The move was wildly popular with the Caramizian people and led to a significant decline of the church of Apac within Caramiza.  


  Johannes Greenweid is to this day revered as the reformer of a church that did not respect the needs of a nation before. He initiated many large scale projects to improv einfrastructure in many cities and encourged the funding of the Tauschwart's Courts to settle trade disputes in addition to the existing judiciary system. The validity of these courts was ratified in the year 1308, three years after Johannes' death.   The schism however ultimately led to difficult diplomatic relationships with the surrounding nations and it is one of the main reasons of today's deep rift between Caramiza and its southern neighbor Knurkang.
1221 1305 84 years old


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