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The total is more than the sum of its parts - imagine if these parts were all created by the gods themselves. What immense power must Manedir have held?
  Manedir is the name of a lost legendary item created by Maned himself with help of all other gods. With the power to create without limit, its creatioon unlocked many powers to the gods shortly after their ascensions. It did however also sparked discours between the gods, specifically Apac and Zecod who quarelled about the use of the hammer.   In a terrible conflict between the gods, Maned ultimately struck down Zecod, creating the crate and later sea Zecod's Fall. This conflict proved to be fatal for the hammer itself. The hammer split up into its parts and Maned did not succeed in recombining the hammer.   The individual parts were powerful artifacts themselves, but not all whereabouts of the parts are known. Even though several parts were created out of brittle materials, they are said to be indestructible by any non-magical means.  

The individual parts

  The parts as they are known are  
  • The Head of the Hammer cast by Maned in a Bronze-Silver Alloy.
  • The lower part of the handle made by Sabes , created out of clay and inlaid with tin.
  • The upper shaft carved from the wood of an ancient glimmerwood tree was made by Lirini
  • The Bands to bind the head were made by Vitukua from eternal ice with saphires inside.
  • The shaft's cap made out of obsidian with streaks of lapis lazuli was created by Gazezu
  • The top jewel was a Diamond with a fire core, imbued with the magic of Apac himself.
  • Rumors have it that Zecod provided a part to the hammer as well. With this being lost forever, reassembling the artifact will be impossible.

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