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Zecod's Fall

Zecod's Fall is the name of a large lake at the center of the Ukanten Valley. It is said to be the place where the evil god Zecod crashed down to earth, after Maned struck him down, using the mighty artifect Manedir.   After the fall, the goddesses Lirini and Gazezu blessed the destroyed lands to grow a multitude of flora and harvest the diverse fauna, for which the region is well known. Legend has it, however, that they were not able to heal the place where Zecod landed, as he already had poisoned the area around him. The fact that large amounts of Zecodium can be found on the bottom of the lake attests to this.   Instead, they used the six impact craters of the pieces of Manedir, to pull the water of the mountains into the crater, thus forming the lake. To this day, there are no fish or other creatures found in the lake, despite the water being perfectly fine to drink. The lake drains into a river that eventually merges with the Upper Camiten Stream south of Bealuki.   Interestingly, the lake of this legends is not far away from the recently found Ukanten Ruined City, where so far no depictions of the event have been found. Instead, maps of the area found in the ruins suggest this valley has originally a large arm of the Ukanten Mountainrange. It is suggested that the event of Zecod's Fall lead to the destruction of that particular city and the mountains that were originally there.


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Dec 5, 2020 00:25 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

You know, I don't think I'd drink the lake water, even if you tell me it's safe to drink. o_o   Really interesting thoughts about the ruined city too. I'm curious if the scholars have it correct.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 5, 2020 09:29 by Vertixico

The whole capital is drinking water that for a large part comes from this lake :D And they are doing fine! I mean, there are other issues with pollution due to rising industry but hey, details.

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