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Ukanten Valley

The Ukanten Valley is the western most valley within the territory of Caramiza and is famous for its mystical lake and the lush flora and fauna found in this region. It is said to be the region, where the fallen deity Zecod was thrown to the earth, leaving behind the crater that later became the lake Zecod's fall. Currently, the previously untouched valley has become of interest for the Whitesteel Inc mining operations, due to their large deposits of rare crystals and ores, including unusually high amounts of Zecodium.   The valley is almost inaccessible from the west, due to the Ukanten Mountainrange in this area. Only a few settlements of dwarves are rumored to have been located in these mountains. The area is mostlyconsidered untamed lands and the flora was able to develop into unique colors and shapes. It is unclear, why so many brightly colored flowers are able to grow beneath large, dark trees but the always present glow of magical embers in the air suggests a magical source as unique type of fertillizer.   Especially unique among the Ukanten Flowers is the Bloodbloom, a deep dark red flower growing on the shore the lake in the valley's very center. These flowers are of many uses in alchemy and can be crafted into potent medicine or poison. The dark red color is reminiscent of the metal Zecodium and in fact a large deposit of said material is suspected to be on the bottom of the lake.   The valleys is subject of a legend, where Zecod's fall destroyed the area almost completely. Afterwards, Gazezu und Vitukua together blessed these lands with their power to bring back the life, their fight tragically destroyed. Therefore, the flowers and even some animals are considered sacred for the churches of both Vitukua and Gazezu. The fact that Whitesteel Inc is currently expanding into this area, aggressively mining materials in the region and destroying the nature, is making the churches uneasy. Some clerics are even said to have started to support the Steelbrethren movement to hinder and stop the company from their actions.   Despite the legend, many researchers and historians suspect the lake to be an impact site of a particularly large meteorite, emanating from Zecod's Tear. Many scriptures tell of a natural catastrophe in the past and many signs point to this area. It is here, where recently some ancient ruins of supposedly dwarven and humane ancestry have been found, further supporting this theory.
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