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Whitesteel Inc

Whitesteel Metal Casting and Hardware fabrication Incorporated, short Whitesteel Inc is one of the largest groups of factories in Caramiza and one of the dominating political orces in the western region of the nation. Their headquarters are located at the Whitesteel Production Grounds.   Whitesteel Inc. has founded and effectively total control over multiple settlements in the Ukanten Valley east of the Ukanten Mountains. These settlements are technically in the domain of Caramiza and Whitesteel Inc. does in fact pay taxes and fulfills production quotas dilligently - however all maters regarding law enforcement, housing, supply and health are handled by the cooperation. In fact, Whitesteel Inc. has their private security detail, colloquially called the Whitebowler Agents.   There is a lot of controversy about the political dominance Whitesteel Inc. has over the western regions. Several parts of Caramizian government are unhappy with their lack of control, especially since rumors about mysterious death rates, rising rebellion and disappearing villages are on the rise. However, Whitesteel Inc. is contributing heavily and steadily to the high demands of the growing industrialization as well as the military expenses of Caramiza, which grants them a lot of lee-way.

Additional Information

Conditions or the workers are infameously bad in the region, yet still workers in dire need of employmnt migrate to the Whitesteel Inc production sites. It can be assumed the Steelbrethren movement has developed first due to the togh rule of Whitesteel Inc.
The Office for industrial and Refining Producting in Bealuki is worried about a delegation they sent to the WHitesteel Inc. headquarters a few weeks ago. They were meant to get the latest accurate production numbers but correspondence suddenly has stopped.
Factory-villages and mining villages are constantly founded and disabbandonned by Whitesteel Inc. depending on the need sof production. There are however rumors, that a large number of workers never got reassigned when their village was closed and simply disappeared.
The churches of Vitukua and Gazezu have voiced concerns and partially loud protests even about the carelessnes with which the Whitesteel Inc operations are destroying ancient places of nature. They fear a dire sacriclege against the deities of life, nature and balance.
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