One thing I will always remember of Assenquell are the big, dark trees surrounding the city and standing guard at the largest bridge leading across a sidearm of the Camiten Stream. They seem very imposing as if they were guarding the city. In fact, local stories tell about the trees being able to wander around. I regret I never witnessed that.
Hendrik Gustaffson
Stream of Power
Travels along the Camiten Streams
  The Assenquell region around the settlement Assenquell describes an area at the Camiten Stream, in the north of Caramiza .It is ruled by council and member of the Gamian Group Trade Alliance.   Assenquell is close to a larger forested area but itself mostly situated on plains. In this region the rare and imposing Assenbirch is a very distinctive sight. So distinctive that Assenquell added the Assenbirch to their crest in 1543.  

Further Details

Assenquell has a very active tanning and dyer industry, where they use the darkAssenbirch Bark to dye leather and fabric black.
The sidearm of the Camiten Stream where Assenquell is located at is called the Black Vein. The water regularly seems to become deep black.
The region's largest inn is the "White Cushion", whose owner prefers a mostly white interior. After several incidents, local tanners are no longer allowed in the tavern.
Geopolitical, Settlement
Parent Organization


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