The Assenbirch is a large, lean tree with dark, almost black bark and pale white wood that are usually found in the area of Assenquell. They usually grow mostly solitary and at most in small groves, contributing to their name of guardian trees.   When the tree's bark is damaged, the white wood behind it is revealed and it often gives the impression of a face. Local legend claim, that there are sentient Assenbirches that may have once been able to wander around.   Legend says, if you bury something beneath the roots of a guardian tree, it will be protected from destruction and theft. In fact, magoscientific scholars have found that the roots emit a slight aura of obscuring, which could possibly affect things in their direct vicinity.
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5 Dec, 2020 12:51

These trees are so cool! I can't help but think of the seed dispersal of this tree, given its rare non-clustering properties...