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Zecodium is a relatively rare, deep dark red metal with diverse magical properties. It is attributed to the fallen god Zecod, not in the least since it is only found in meteorites falling down during the passing of Zecod's Tear every 33 years.   Zecodium is a well-known conductor of magical energy that is related to magic, typically considered evil- those involving blood, sacrifices, or shadows. Due to its possible connection with Zecod, the metal is directly associated with sects worshipping the fallen god and in fact these groups fashion their insignias, armor, and weapons often using Zecodium.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Zecodium as a metal is surprisingly flexible yet hard, which makes it almost useless as a building material but good for applications on clothing and for decoration.   The metal does only melt in a hot forge and only when applied magical energy to it. As soon as the constant flow of magic stops, it will immediately solidify.

Geology & Geography

Ore of Zecodium can only be found within meteorites that fall during the passing of Zecod's Tear every 23 years. So far there have no natural deposits of the metal been found and it is considered consensus Zecodium only naturally exists on the meteor.   Most meteorite impacts happen in the vicinity of Caramiza and nations to the west of it.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

Zecodium is deeply associated with the fallen god Zecod and therefore mostly used to denote allegiance to dark cults and sects.   Still, multiple artifacts of the past, even of other churches, incorporate parts of Zecodium in it - often to symbolize a display of the god himself. The common theme of such a display is usually the story of his schism with his fellow gods and subsequent fall.

Additional Information

Zecodium is outlawed by the church of Apac and the church of Vitukua. Other churches have no such ban and as such carrying items out of Zecodium is only prohibited in areas controlled by these two churches.
Legend has it that Maned continues searching for an alloy with Zecodium, as he believes uncovering this will be the sign of Zecod's repentence.
Zecodium can only be molten down with a steady supply of magical energy. The Crate of Bloody Spires, where hundreds of Zecodium spikes spread out from an epicenter of an apparent explosion, eerily demonstrates how fast the material hardens, once the magic is no longer supplied.
An etching on a Zecodium tablet, found in the latest discovered ruins, shows the fall of Zecod in a complete telling. It is one of the few complete tellings of the story and surprisingly seems to confirm the telling of a huge disagreement and subsequent fight. However, on the tablet, Zecod was not defeated but left on his own.
High, Black Markets only
Relatively Uncommon
Deep Dark Red
Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point
1300°C when additionally supplied with magic
Common State
Solid, enclosed as ore in meteorites
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