Ukanten Mountains

The Ukanten Mountains are a large mountain range marking the western border of the Greenwinds Valley as well as large parts of the national border of Caramiza to their neighbours Pereitun, Finoza, Pereitun and Kartang.   The Mountains are mostly impassable, except for some passes in the north and in the southwest. The main trade between Caramiza and its neighbors happens via these passes, but there are said to be some smuggler's routes leading above or below the mountains.   It is theorized, that the Ukanten Mountain range had been much larger. Both geological studies in the Ukanten Valley, especially around the lake Zecod's Fall as well as depictions and lore found in ruins buried in the mountains suggest a cataclysmic event destroying a huge part of the mountain range. So far there is no evidence of volcanic activity.   Most stories suggest the conflict within the Great Pantheon where ultimately the deity Zecod was defeated, led to the event which destoyed the mountainrange.   Explorers recently found multiple sites of ancient cities buried within the mountains, the largest and most prominent being the Ukanten Ruined City discovered by Jonathan Reetmayer.
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