Glimmerwood is an ancient and absolutely rare material, made from petrified trees imbued with magic. It is unknown what specific type of trees was used to harvest glimmerwood, as well as how the wood could be imbued with enough magic to adapt its wonderous properties. Experiments with concurrent trees have not yielded any results, even though the Superchemists of Caramiza have found ways to fuse metal and wood in a way together to mimick glimmer wood. This is commonly known as "Soldier's Glimmerwood".   With a very dark brown and a golden shine, Glimmerwood is considered a very beautiful material. It is slightly warm to the touch and has no discernable smell of its own.   Glimmerwood is nearly indestructible but can be worked with specific tools charged with enough magic. Even then, these tools that would cut through steel easily, can only chip away little from the wood. The wood is not very flexible and is used in many ancient artifacts as hafts or frames. One specific example is the legendary Manedir, with a shaft carved by the goddess Lirini herself.   A famous artifact is the Ambrite Fossile with an ancient, unknown insect trapped in an ember, encased in a jagged piece of glimmerwood. The wood looks as if it was torn away from a tree by lightning strike, but instead of burning it completely petrified.


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