Tamytstrom located at the eastern edge of the Taymtstrom Hills is by population the largest settlement in Caramiza as well as one of the most important cultural centers of the nation.   The city is well known for its architectural style with distinct, twisted roofs, mimicking the spiral layout of the city itself. All Streets and main plazas are arranged in a pattern around the central geyser. The geyser and its regular eruption pattern are both a source of inspirational awe and fresh water for the city, allowing it to have grown to impressive size in less developed times.   Over the years, several broken and ancient machines have been unearthed around the geyser. Their function and origin are unknown, but scholars keep getting mystified by the findings. One popular theory is that most parts are of one machine, scattered around the geyser in an explosion's remnants pattern.  

Textile industry and culture

  The region around Taymtstrom is well known for the Silverfluff sheep and most of the trade focuses on the breeding of these sheep as well as the subsequent textile industry. A few decades ago, a branch of Leaf And Let Dye has opened up in the city, accelerating the development of the textile industry in the region.   As a cultural center, many artists have settled in Taymtstrom. Famous painters, poets and singers often gather on the Songplaza to honor their craft and the goddess Lirini. In recent years, a new type of artist has emerged - the artistic design of clothing with bold colors and new forms has become a fascination of both the wealthy and the common people.
Large city

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