The Taymtstrom Hillside Sheep, commonly known as Silverfluff is a specific breed of sheep from the hills of Taymtstrom, very well-known for its abundant silver-colored wool and its unimaginably fluffy appearance. Their wool is a central component of all clerical clothing items in Caramiza and they thrive best in the magically rich environment of the Taymtstrom Hills and the magical geyser there.   The Silverfluff has been indigenous of the region before Taymtstrom even was founded and they always had a very fluffy appearance. This turns out to be an effective defense mechanism, as the peaceful animals are able to make themselves appear larger than they are, shying away predators. When several Silverfluffs gather close together to protect their young, they even may be able to drive away a curious Copperpetz. Contrary to other breeds of sheep, Silverfluffs are more stoic and tend to group together in defense rather than running away scared, although they may freeze up in this defensive stance and take a while to calm down after the danger has passed.   It was not long after the colonization of Taymtstrom that herders began to cultivate the sheep and breed them for the pure silver color of their wool. As Caramoza developed a more organized form of church, the way of fashioning clerical robes using Silverfluff Wool became a standard for the rest of the nation. Subsequent tries to cultivate Taymtstrom Hillside Sheep in other regions were only marginally successful. It turned out that without the abundant ambient magical energy, the sheep would produce far less wool with lower grade quality in regards to both color and magical properties.   As a result, clothing made of original Taymtstrom Hillside Sheepwool became the most desired material for clothes only worn by high officials and nobles throughout the country. The lower clergy typically has robes made of more mundane wool.

Additional Information

It is custom for a shrine to have at least two Silverfluff Sheep as pets. Unfortunately, this custom is rarely followed in most larger towns.
There is a huge theological debate if it is appropriate to consume Silverfluff meat during the Blessed Feast.
The Silverfluff Herd in the backyard of the Trade Cathedral is the largest herd within a large city and in fact, the largest herd cultivated outside of the Taymtstrom region.
The little sister of the current heir apparent, Zeoly Margarethe Caramian, is funding efforts to breed a Silverfluff with pink wool.
During Thunderstorms, the wool of the Silverfluff will expand to three times its volume. If shorn directly after, the wool will contain a lot of innate magical energy. However, touching t usually gives you painful jolts of energy.
Silverfluffs have an exceptional sense of direction and will always find their way back to their herd, even across many kilometers. This is slightly annoying when trying to split up a herd.


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