Each day that I do not even find a little time to sit at the Songplaza and listen to the singers perform is a lost day for me.
  The Songplaza is the name for the area in front of Taymtstrom's local temple of Lirini. One of the largest plazas within the settlement, it is regularly used for markets, parades and other public gatherings.   However, since the plaza has many small fountains spread along the border of its area, the people regularly use the many sitting possibilities for daily meetup and relaxation. During any normal day, you can hear the chatter and laughter from the plaza to the background of many performers showing their skills. While the original Songplaza is the largest, there are many other smaller songplaza all over Caramiza following this model.   At the beginning, artists would show up at the plaza spontaneously and perform for the people present. This practice has evolved over the decades, with artists having to apply for spaces to perform on at the temple of Lirini or the council of Taymtstrom.  

Further Details

Due to the vicinity of Lirini's temple, it is very common for a Divine Soothsayer of Lirini to suddenly proclaim the future success of the showman in front of them. Before the outlawing of the Soothsayer, this was seen as a high blessing by Lirini herself.
Not every artist is allowed to perform on the plaza. Many coveted licenses are being denied, when the temple dislikes the art they claim to perform. This has led to the wrongful declaration by artists what they will perform. Many of those were often arrested immediately.
There is a very active black market with performance licenses. The percentage of forgery is high, however which contributed to the temples developing anti-forgery mechanisms for their official documents.
There are plans to raise a glass dome over the plaza, to enable performances even during bad weather. The council and the temple currently debate over who will carry the costs of such an endeavor.
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2 Dec, 2020 02:18

I love that the plaza got so popular that now people have to apply to perform. I also love the council and the temple are arguing about who's going to pay for the roof - hilariously close to real life.

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